Monday, January 4, 2016

Bill Clinton Kicks Off 2016 With Two Events in New Hampshire

Bill Clinton gave his first speech of 2016 to a packed gymnasium in Nashua, NH today...and as usual, the "Secretary of Explaining Stuff" did not disappoint.

The whole 30-min speech is well worth watching, but things really start to cook in the last ten minutes or so as he recounts some of Hillary's accomplishments over the past 40+ years, some lesser known than others. Interestingly, he notes that many of these things were achieved even while she "hadn't been elected to anything" but that she got such big results because "she was just a change maker."

In other words, just imagine what she could do as President of the United States!

Here's the full speech:

Bill's second event of the day will be held in Exeter, NH this afternoon around 5pm ET and you can check it out live at