Wednesday, January 6, 2016

As North Korea Reminds Us, There's No Time For Amateur Hour in 2016

As if there wasn't enough worldwide and domestic strife already, this happens:
North Korea said it successfully tested a powerful nuclear bomb on Wednesday, drawing threats of further sanctions even though the United States and weapons experts voiced doubts the device was as advanced as the isolated nation claimed.
The underground explosion shook the earth so hard that it registered as a seismic event with U.S. earthquake monitors. It put pressure on China to rein in neighboring North Korea.
The U.N. Security Council said it would begin working immediately on significant new measures in response to North Korea, a threat diplomats said could mean an expansion of sanctions.
Now, if this isn't scary enough...imagine President Donald Trump dealing with this situation.

Seriously. Just stop and think about that for a second.

But really, none of the Republican bozos would be any less dangerous or stupid. Case in point...this "no shit, Sherlock" statement from Trump Lite:
As if we haven't already been trying to do this for the past half-century or more?

Anyway, this just hits home once again that there's no time for amateur hour in 2016...and there's only one candidate who we can truly trust on these matters.

Luckily, we don't have to choose between extraordinary competence on the world stage and solidly progressive domestic policy this year...because Hillary Rodham Clinton has got both of them covered.

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