Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Third Democratic Debate

Here is the third Democratic debate in its entirety, which occurred on Saturday December 19th at St. Anselm College in New Hampshire.

Clinton and Sanders both had a great night...but according to a CNN poll, it appears that the Force was with Hillary:
Overall, Clinton tops Sanders among registered voters who are Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents 50% to 34%. That's a slightly tighter margin than in late-November, when Clinton led 58% to 30% over Sanders. 
But those overall results mask a shift back toward Clinton following the Democratic debate on Saturday night. In interviews conducted before the debate, Sanders ran closer to Clinton, with 37% support to Clinton's 45%. Among those interviewed after the debate, Clinton's lead grew to 60% vs. Sanders' 27%.
The next debate, and the last one before the Iowa Caucuses, will be in Charleston, South Carolina on January 17th.


  1. Let's hope that the remaining debates are cancelled due to the Democratic Candidate for President already haven been chosen!

    1. Aww I dunno...these debates have been essential viewing!