Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hillary News & Views 12.22: Grinches in GOPVille, Data Breach, and "Hell No," Donald Trump

Today’s edition of Hillary News & Views will be the final entry of 2015. The series will return from its Holiday Hiatus on Monday, January 4, 2016.

So it seems only fitting to open with the holiday-themed video released by the Clinton campaign yesterday:

I don’t care who your primary preference is. If you don’t appreciate the brilliance of that video, you’re a Grinch yourself!
The data flap appeared to have been settled on the debate stage Saturday night, by which time one Sanders aide had been fired, another two suspended, and the candidate himself apologized to both Clinton and the supporters of his campaign.

Then came Sunday.

Bloomberg Politics reports:
"We appreciated Senator Sanders' apology for the breach of our data at Saturday's debate, but in the two days since, his campaign has continued to raise the possibility that our campaign may have engaged in similar misconduct," Clinton press secretary Brian Fallon said in a statement Monday.
The Clinton team is still angry that Sanders staffers searched through its voter data—which it says represents millions of dollars of spending and thousands of hours of work—and that response is further aggravated by a sense that Sanders and his top aides are showing little remorse, suggesting that the Clinton campaign may have engaged in wrongdoing without any evidence to support it.
Appearing Sunday on ABC's This Week, Sanders conceded he had no evidence to back up the claim but "that's why I want an independent investigation. When there's a breach, when there's a hole in the system, it works both ways." Sanders spokesman Michael Briggs on Monday urged the Clinton campaign to "join us in calling for a thorough, independent investigation" of DNC data security since the start of the 2016 race.
Clinton's staff denies the claim and the DNC contends that it was unaware of a previous breach. "The Clinton campaign has never accessed, let alone copied, data belonging to another campaign. Period," Fallon said Monday.
Aides are also pointing out the obviously different way the scandal would’ve played out if the roles were reversed.

New York Times reports:
By Saturday night’s debate, Mrs. Clinton herself was forgiving: “I very much appreciate that comment, Bernie,” she said after Mr. Sanders apologized for the data breach. “It really is important that we go forward on this.”
But another sentiment, a mixture of resentment and hard-won experience, comes through in conversations about the episode with Mrs. Clinton’s closest advisers: She would have been treated far more harshly, they believe, had her own aides committed such a transgression.
“Can you imagine?” said Jennifer Palmieri, Mrs. Clinton’s communications director. “Can you imagine? Oh, my God.”
“We’d be drummed out of the race,” Ms. Palmieri added.
Mrs. Clinton’s opponents on the right – and some on the left – would almost certainly have used such a breach as fresh evidence of the dishonesty and underhanded scheming that their detractors have long associated with the Clintons.
Then again, her critics can discern impure motives in just about anything Mrs. Clinton says or does.
Her lighthearted “May the force be with you” line at the end of the debate prompted some critics to link it to the fact that the director of the new “Star Wars” movie, J.J. Abrams, and his wife had donated $1 million to Priorities USA, a group supporting Mrs. Clinton’s campaign.
It all reminded me of one of my favorite Clinton quotes:
“I’m not going to mislead anybody. Politics is really hard. And it is harder for women. There’s a double standard, and you can’t complain about it. You just have to accept it, and be smart enough to navigate it. And you have to have a pretty tough skin.
“To paraphrase a favorite quote from Eleanor Roosevelt: If a woman wants to be in politics, she has to have the skin of a rhinoceros.
“Most men who go into politics just think they’re great. They believe they can do anything. Most young women, not only in politics but in most areas, are more cautious and more likely to say, ‘Could I really do this? Am I good enough?’
“I was talking to a friend and very successful businessman the other day, and he said, ‘The thing that still annoys me more than anything is that I see all these young women who are so much more capable than they allow themselves to believe. And I see so many young men who are so much less capable but who believe they are God’s gift to the world.’
“I would just say to women: Try it! Put your foot in the pond and see if you want to swim.”
BBC News reports that Clinton will not be apologizing to Donald Trump:
"Hell no. Hillary Clinton will not be apologizing to Donald Trump for correctly pointing out how his hateful rhetoric only helps [Islamic State] recruit more terrorists," spokesman for Ms Clinton Brian Fallon told CNN.
I look forward to the media creating a false equivalence when Trump refuses to apologize for his latest comments on Clinton.

The Washington Post reports:
"I know where she went -- it's disgusting, I don't want to talk about it," Trump said, screwing up his face, as the crowd laughed and cheered. "No, it's too disgusting. Don't say it, it's disgusting.”
Later in the night, Trump told the crowd that he could not picture Clinton as president because she never wins at anything. He then brought up the 2008 Democratic primary, which Clinton lost to Barack Obama
"She was favored to win, and she got schlonged," Trump said, turning a vulgar noun for a large penis into a verb.
And that, my friends, is a good reason to take a long vacation!


  1. The media is of course drawing to draw a false equivalency between what Hillary said during the debate (which is merely a question of semantics) to what Trump says on a routine basis--which are bald faced lies. My favorite being that Trump said that he got to know Putin well when they appeared on 60 Minutes together!! LOL LOL

    1. I'm sure Hillary's campaign knew full well that The Donald would go overboard in his Hillary attacks, which he did with that vulgar, sexist rant. As Brian Fallon notes in that tweet today, he suddenly isn't getting questions about Hillary apologixing anymore. Gee, I wonder why.