Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hillary News & Views 12:15: Immigration Reform, Gutiérrez Endorsement, Iowa Analysis

Today’s Hillary News & Views begins with Clinton tackling immigration reform on the campaign trail.

Clinton challenged the GOP’s terrible record on immigration reform during her appearance yesterday at the National Immigrant Integration Conference in Brooklyn.

Miami Observer reports:
Speaking at the National Immigrant Integration Conference—just blocks away from her national campaign headquarters—the Democratic front-runner for White House lambasted Mr. Trump’s calls for a barrier on the Mexican border and large-scale removal of undocumented foreign nationals, which she said would “drag us backward.” She also attacked the rhetoric of his campaign kick-off in June, when the candidate claimed Mexican immigrants are “bringing drugs” and are “rapists,” and mocked his “Make America Great Again campaign slogan.”
“I disagree with those who say Make America Great. We are great, and we’re going to stay great, and we’re going to get greater!” she told the cheering crowd.
“Candidates for president are calling immigrants drug-runners and rapists. They promise, if elected, to round up and deport millions of people, build a mammoth wall, militarize the border, tear families apart.”
“At a time when a lot of Americans are fearful about future attacks here at home, some candidates are even stoking those fears more and turning people against Muslim-Americans, saying some really hateful, hurtful things.”
“Not a single Republican candidate, not one, clearly and consistently supports a real path to citizenship,” she said. “Now you know, Senator Rubio actually helped write the 2013 immigration bill. Now he renounces it. They’re all moving toward the extreme.”

NBC News reports:
"America was built by immigrants," Clinton said. "Our future will be always written in part by immigrants and every single one of us, no matter how long ago our ancestors arrived in this land, whether they came by foot or boat or plane, across the Pacific or the Atlantic or the Rio Grande, we all owe a debt of gratitude" to them.
Clinton has said repeatedly that she would go beyond President Obama's executive actions on immigration, which a recent campaign memo highlighted. Clinton will "seek to create an accessible pathway for those who are not covered by President Obama's executive actions - such as parents of DREAMers - to apply for deferred action as well," the memo said.
As part of her plan, Clinton has also vowed to close private immigration detention centers and expand health care access to undocumented immigrants.
Clinton met with an undocumented immigrant and his family yesterday.

The Wall Street Journal reports:
Hillary Clinton met with a father living in the U.S. illegally, his wife and children on Monday, and reiterated her promise to push for a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.
“We are hearing all kinds of anti-immigrant sentiment in the news right now,” she said. Referring to the GOP presidential field, she added, “They’re all moving toward the extreme and away from the rest of America.”
She repeated that she would close private immigration detention facilities, adding she would do more to help those who are eligible for citizenship to become citizens, including expanded fee waivers.
Mrs. Clinton announced that one of her campaign aides, Lorella Praeli, was being sworn in as a citizen by President Barack Obama on Tuesday at the National Archives. Just over a year ago, Ms. Praeli was an outspoken immigration activist, staging protests and pushing the White House to act on its own in the face of congressional inaction.
Clinton picked up another major endorsement yesterday: Illinois Rep. Luis Gutiérrez.

CNN reports:
Gutiérrez, one of the most outspoken congressmen on immigration reform, will introduce Clinton at the National Immigrant Integration Conference in Brooklyn on Monday, making his endorsement of the Democratic front-runner official.
"Hillary is with the Latina community and I am with her," Gutiérrez wrote in a translation of the Spanish-language opinion piece. "She will do what is best for Latinos and all Americans. Hillary is poised to propel the country forward, and I'm proud to be with her."
Gutiérrez heralds Clinton in the piece for meeting with DREAMERers, the children of undocumented immigrants, and for her pledge to go further on immigration than President Barack Obama.
Clinton continues to focus on the issue of terrorism while on the campaign trail.
CNN reports:
Tuesday's speech will be the third she has given on ISIS in less than a month. Clinton, according to an aide briefed on the speech, "will propose a comprehensive strategy to counter each step in the process that can lead to a terrorist attack like San Bernardino, from recruitment, to training, to planning, to execution, all while staying true to our values."
Clinton's focus on terrorism is a response to terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino that left scores of people dead -- and tracks with the overall change in the tenor of the 2016 campaign. Since the attacks, she has stressed the need to step up the fight against ISIS and has pushed for more gun control in the United States.
The fact Clinton is delivering Tuesday's speech at the University of Minnesota - Minneapolis is not without significance. Clinton will hold up Minnesota's efforts to combat domestic radicalization in the state's Somali-American population, according to an aide, noting the multi-million dollar efforts Minneapolis, St. Paul and other cities have spent to identify radicalization in young people and combat ISIS propaganda.
"I want nothing more to know what a politician that I vote for is going to do to help my country, because if the country is strong, I'll be strong," Michael Fisher, a 62-year old Vietnam veteran from Cedar Rapids said before door-knocking for Clinton. "I feel Secretary Clinton is the only candidate out there that has everything it takes to handle terrorism."
Clinton’s extensive foreign policy experience is a challenge for the Republican candidates.

The Boston Globe reports:
A Globe review of the foreign travel experience of each of the Republican candidates shows how each is disadvantaged in varying degrees to compete on global policy with Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, who traveled to 130 countries as first lady, US senator, and secretary of state.
“Who can take the bark off Hillary? She’s very thoughtful when she talks and she has a lot of depth,” said Scott Reed, a veteran Republican strategist who managed Bob Dole’s 1996 presidential campaign. “From Christmas on, the race goes into a new phase. It’s about who do voters envision as being commander in chief. It’s not hot rhetoric; it’s not ideologically driven. But who do you imagine could be your commander in chief?”
“If your foreign policy understanding is limited, you have a harder time combating Clinton,” said Peter Feaver, who worked on the Bush administration’s National Security Council and was involved in several Iraq strategy reviews.
Clinton’s lead in the Iowa polls is matched with a strong ground game.

The Des Moines Register reports:
Two Democratic political experts said Clinton’s strength in the new poll, combined with the extensive preparations her staff has taken to turn out supporters on caucus day, make her the strong favorite to win here.
“I think if she goes in with a lead, that lead is going to hold up, because she has the organizational wherewithal to make it hold up,” national strategist David Axelrod said.
Axelrod, who helped Obama come from behind to beat Clinton in Iowa in 2008, is unaligned with any candidates this cycle. After the 2008 caucuses, many analysts said Clinton should have worked harder to win the state. She isn’t making the same mistake this time, Axelrod said.
Axelrod doubts Clinton will ease up her campaigning in Iowa over the next seven weeks, even if she continues to rise in polls here. “If I were advising her, I’d say, ‘Play Iowa hard until the end. Because if you win in Iowa, you’re almost certainly going to be the nominee,’ ” he said.


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