Monday, December 14, 2015

Hillary News & Views 12.14: Climate Change Accord in Paris, Medicaid Expansion in Tulsa

Today’s Hillary News & Views begins with Clinton’s praise of President Obama and Senator Kerry for their work in crafting the Climate Change agreement in Paris.

“I applaud President Obama, Secretary Kerry and our negotiating team for helping deliver a new, ambitious international climate agreement in Paris. This is an historic step forward in meeting one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century—the global crisis of climate change.
“The Paris agreement is testament to America’s ability to lead the world in building a clean energy future where no one is left out or left behind. And it was made possible in part by every person, business owner, and community in the United States and around the world that stepped up to prove we don’t have to choose between growing our economy and protecting our kids’ health and future—we can do both.
“But we will only succeed if we redouble our efforts going forward to drive innovation, increase investment, and reap the benefits of the good-paying jobs that will come from transitioning to a clean energy economy. The next decade of action is critical—because if we do not press forward with driving clean energy growth and cutting carbon pollution across the economy, we will not be able to avoid catastrophic consequences.
“We cannot afford to be slowed by the climate skeptics or deterred by the defeatists who doubt America’s ability to meet this challenge. That’s why as President, I will make combating climate change a top priority from day one, and secure America’s future as the clean energy superpower of the 21st century.”

Clinton has also released statements in recent days that expressed gratitude to unions and organizations that have endorsed her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.

“I am honored to have earned the endorsement of the American Federation of Government Employees and their 670,000 members.
“AFGE members make America run—protecting our national security, keeping our families healthy through food inspections, and serving our military in civilian support roles. And for decades, AFGE members have helped build the American middle class by fighting for higher wages, safer working conditions, and the right to organize and bargain collectively.
“As President, I will always stand up for workers’ rights, fight to keep workers safe on the job, and protect retirement security, including defined benefit plans and Social Security. I’m proud to stand with federal workers, including the men and women of AFGE, to continue making progress and build a better future for working families. Because when workers are strong, families are strong—and when families are strong, America is strong.”

“The U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce (USWCC) has spent over a decade helping women entrepreneurs succeed and grow their businesses, and today I’m proud to have their support. Women are important to our economic growth. They are opening about 1,200 new businesses per day and USWCC has been a key partner in helping them succeed.
“Women are often the breadwinners of their households and we should support them in starting and growing their businesses. That is why, as President, I would do everything in my power to help more women get access to start-up capital and professional mentoring. We need more women-owned businesses to compete and win federal contracts, and we must do everything to tear down the barriers that still hold too many women back.
“The bottom line is: what’s good for women is good for America. When women are strong, families are strong – and when families are strong, America is strong. I’ll fight for more opportunities for women to develop their talents and pursue their dreams. I’ll always put families first, just like I always have. That’s a promise. I’m excited to join USWCC in the fight to lift up women entrepreneurs.”
“I am honored to have earned the endorsement of North America’s Building Trades (NABTU).
“The members of the Building Trades have helped build the American middle class—by training apprentices, protecting workers’ rights, and supporting good-paying jobs and pathways to careers in the construction industry. Along the way, they have helped build our mighty American economy—keeping the lights on and traffic moving, helping businesses get goods to customers and workers get to their jobs, supporting safe power generation, sending skyscrapers soaring above our cities, and maintaining the pipes beneath our streets.
“As President, I will stand with America’s Building Trades against efforts to roll back prevailing wage statutes and undermine project labor agreements. I will fight to protect workers’ rights to organize and bargain collectively, stay safe on the job, maintain their health benefits and retire with dignity. And I will support high-quality apprenticeship programs modeled after successful efforts promoted by the Building Trades and their contractor partners that give young people, women, African-Americans, Latinos and veterans ladders of opportunity to a career in the trades and a pathway to the middle class for their families.
“I know the members of the Building Trades and “Hardhats for Hillary” will join me in our advocacy to rebuild and expand America’s infrastructure to maintain our position as the world’s economic superpower. I have an ambitious, five-year plan to invest in our infrastructure, from rebuilding roads and bridges to modernizing our energy system, and put Americans to work building the future we deserve. My plan will make our economy more productive and competitive across the board. It will cut costs for families and businesses, and spur more private investment. It will boost wages up and down the supply chain and throughout the economy. Because to build a strong economy for the future, we need to start by building strong infrastructure today.
“I am honored to have earned the endorsement of North America’s Building Trades and together, we’re going to rebuild the country we love and put Americans back to work.”
Clinton is grateful to Jon Stewart for pushing for renewal of a law that she spearheaded as a Senator.

The Huffington Post reports:
Hillary Clinton loves her some Jon Stewart these days, and not because he's funny.
It's because he has again shined a spotlight on Congress' baffling inability to pass legislation to help ailing cops, construction workers and firefighters who answered the call on and after Sept. 11, 2001.
The issue is especially personal for Clinton, who was less than a year into her first term as the senator from New York when the planes hit the twin towers. Clinton sponsored the first bills in the Senate to aid 9/11 first responders.
Her campaign made a point of singling out Stewart with a blog post Friday, saying "Jon Stewart went back on The Daily Show to send Republicans a message. He’s right: Congress should be ashamed."
Clinton’s campaign stop in Tulsa included a call for Medicaid expansion, following her pattern of localizing her campaign stops to promote the Democratic party.

KTUL reports:
Clinton talked about everything from local economies, equal pay for women and a raise to the minimum wage.
"And we're going to raise the minimum wage, because people who work full time should not be in poverty," said Clinton.
Clinton also called on Governor Mary Fallin.
"I sure wish we could get your governor and others to extend Medicaid so more people in Oklahoma can have the health care they need," said Clinton.
Clinton said the war on ISIS needs to be fought, but not with American troops on the ground. 
"That is what ISIS wants," said Clinton. "They want American troops to be massed in Syria and Iraq again. That is not smart. And I will not let that happen."
The war, she said, should also be fought online, shutting down social media accounts belonging to terrorists.
"We don't allow child pornography on those sites, and we should not allow barbarity and violence," said Clinton.
Tulsa World reports:
“It’s not going to help the rural economy of Oklahoma for small, rural hospitals to close because they don’t have the funds that they could have had from Medicaid,” Clinton said. “You walk into the emergency room and thank goodness they’ll take care of you, but they can’t keep doing that if there’s nobody to pay for it.”
“When you hear Republican candidates saying some of the things they say, I want you to take them seriously because, if elected, they may try to do what they are saying,” she said. “They want to turn the clock back on the progress we have made. They want to go after women’s rights and gay rights and voting rights and workers’ rights. They want us to be out of touch and out of date when it comes to who we are in America today.
When introducing Clinton to the crowd, state Sen. Kay Floyd, who represents Oklahoma City, said she supported Clinton because she, like herself, “absolutely knows what it’s like to be the only woman at the table.”
And finally, with thanks to Daily Kos user MethuenProgressive, here is a heartwarming exchange between a New Hampshire classroom teacher and Clinton.

The Eagle Tribune reports:
Before leaving for the day Tuesday, Woodbury School teacher LeeAnn Graichen decided to leave a message on the whiteboard for a special visitor to her classroom.
That special visitor happened to be Democratic presidential candidate and former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
Clinton was to stop off at the Salem school that night to host her 18th town hall meeting in New Hampshire since announcing her candidacy in April. 
Graichen wasn't able to attend, but the Salem native and 10-year teacher at the school knew Clinton would probably stop by her classroom.
That's because it was the closest to the gym where Clinton would be speaking at an event that would draw nearly 800 people.
So, Graichen grabbed a few markers and wrote her message.


  1. I used to work in a graphics place mounting up signs and art, and I'm qualified to preserve that dry-erase board. I'd dismantle it and cut out the section with the writing, seal it permanently with an adhesive laminate, and frame up the whole thing with an additional plexiglass covering.

    1. If Hillary wrote on my board, I'd hire you for that job in a second!