Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Fascism in America: Has Trump Finally Gone Too Far?

I hope the answer is yes, but I fear the answer is no.

I have to admit, the whole Trump thing was halfway amusing for a while there, especially with such greatest hits as hilariously hastening the collapse of Jeb Bush. But nothing about The Donald is funny anymore except the panic of the GOP in his wake. And yes, he is certainly doing damage to his current party that will likely contribute to a Hillary landslide of epic proportions...and that would definitely be a good thing.

But that's in the future and we're not there yet. Right here in the present we have a Republican frontrunner who is openly embracing outright fascism for the first time in my life. And that's just horrendously bad and dangerous for our country in so many ways.

On my commute home last night, I was listening to MSNBC on satellite radio and managed to catch a good half-hour chunk of Trump's rally. He had just issued the statement that Muslims should be kept out of the United States for an indefinite period of time, and he was on fire. Without the benefit of visuals such as Donald's ridiculous hair, his words and the response from the huge rabid crowd was nothing short of terrifying. Then I watched CNN's interviews with the crowd and it gave me nightmares.

I think we truly have reached a national moment...and it's not a good one.

I've seen and heard plenty of dark stuff in politics over the past couple of decades, but this feels different. I realize that the past seven years have been rough for people don't like President Obama, but I never could have predicted that the response would be to nominate a modern day Adolf Hitler to take his place. Yet that is what the GOP is on track to do...unless a more "normal" candidate like Ted Cruz (hah!) manages to become a suitable alternative. (On that note, get the popcorn ready because the Trump vs. Cruz battle is likely to be a doozy.)

The good news for our country and the whole world is that only about 30% of Republicans support Trump, which amounts to less than 15% of the voting public. So he will never be president, and his candidacy might be so disastrous for the GOP that it will take decades for them to regroup and win the presidency again. Which would be terrific.

But right now we are dealing with stuff like this, which occurred right here in my hometown and makes me want to cry:
Just a few days ago, two young women wearing headscarves were trying to have breakfast at a café near the University of Texas at Austin when another diner started shouting racist things at them. The girls left in tears—in part because of the ugly words, but also because no one else in that crowded café came to their defense.
As they left, one of the girls asked the room, “Who cares about us?” Somebody called out, “Nobody.” “We left,” they said, “because it was true.”
But it’s not true. And we have to make sure Muslim Americans know that. It’s how we stay true to our values as Americans. And it’s how we show the world who we really are—a strong, proud, united country that still knows, after all these years, that all men and women are created equal.
Hillary Clinton herself wrote this, and that we have a candidate who's ready and able to tackle this head on is the best news of all.

She's right, of course. We must take her advice to step up and speak out before the hate keeps spreading and more damage is done, because if this can happen at a popular café in the "liberal bastion" of Austin, it can happen anywhere.

And I'm afraid it will keep happening...because there is no indication that Donald Trump is going anywhere anytime soon.

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