Monday, December 7, 2015

Elizabeth Warren Supports Hillary Clinton's Wall Street Plans. Is an Endorsement Around the Corner?

What a team!
13 of the 14 female Democratic senators have already endorsed Hillary Clinton...and it looks like the last holdout might be coming around soon.

In case you missed it, Clinton just wrote a piece in the New York Times outlining her plans for reining in Wall Street. Someone who certainly didn't miss it was Senator Elizabeth Warren, who posted the link on her official Facebook page along with a personal message:
Secretary Clinton is right to fight back against Republicans trying to sneak Wall Street giveaways into the must-pass government funding bill. Whether it's attacking the CFPB, undermining new rules to rein in unscrupulous retirement advisers, or rolling back any part of the hard-fought progress we've made on financial reform, she and I agree: “President Obama and congressional Democrats should do everything they can to stop these efforts.”
And in case anyone thinks Warren might have done this by mistake, she also posted about it twice on Twitter.

Although Warren's words focus on just one aspect of the piece (fighting Republicans), the fact that she posted about it three times today makes it pretty clear that she's giving it an official thumbs up. If Warren thought it was a "meh" plan with one good part, there's no way she would have posted it even once. She knew what she was doing.

And that Hillary “likes” Elizabeth's post on Facebook is a cute touch that suggests coordination.

Elizabeth Warren may have had some nice off-the-cuff words for Bernie Sanders a few days ago, but today she has very deliberately cleared the way for an official endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president.

This is a big deal...and you can tell because the Berner meltdown has already begun.


  1. Love, love, love button!! (Oh, I'm sorry, this isn't facebook. :) ) Seriously, thanks for the more detailed info on this. Did you skim the comments on Liz's fb page? The Bernie people are throwing a fit.

    1. Oh yes, and there are many more fits to come. They do know that Liz already signed a letter encouraging Hillary to run and called her "terrific"...right?