Saturday, November 14, 2015

Tonight's Second Democratic Debate Shifts Focus in Wake of Paris Attacks

The second Democratic debate airs tonight on CBS, and the tragedy in Paris has significantly altered the focus:
In the hours after the deadly attacks in Paris, CBS News significantly reworked its plans for the Democratic presidential debate it is hosting here on Saturday night to focus more on issues of terrorism, national security and foreign relations.
Steve Capus, the executive editor of CBS News and the executive producer of “CBS Evening News,” said in an interview late Friday that he was in the middle of a rehearsal for the debate when news broke about the slaughter in Paris.
The CBS News team immediately shifted gears and reformulated questions to make them more directly related to the attacks. Mr. Capus said it was important for the debate to go on because the world looks to the American president for leadership during international crises.
“American leadership is put to the test,” Mr. Capus said. “The entire world is looking to the White House. These people are vying to take over this office.”
“This is exactly what the president is going to have to face,” he added.
Hillary HQ will be following the debate closely, providing video and analysis shortly thereafter.

The debate begins tonight at 9pm ET on your local CBS station and


  1. Eagerly awaiting your commentary on last nights debate. I thought Hillary did great again. Based on the frantic reaction of Sanders reporters besmirching PPP and again pushing online polls they are worried she came out ahead as well!

    1. LOL...supporters not reporters!

    2. Was dealing with a major housekeeping project this weekend...will have something up shortly!