Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Multiple Polls Show Clinton vs. Trump Fantasy Approaching Reality

Clinton vs. Trump in 2016.

According to a slew of new polls, what seemed like an absurd fantasy early this summer is getting closer and closer to being our upcoming reality. Or perhaps the greatest/worst Reality TV show of all time.

People keep expecting The Donald to go away...but he just hasn't. Not even close. And now that GOP voters trust him more than any other candidate on national security (!) with his tough talk of "bombing the hell out of ISIS", I'm not sure he will go away before he ends up with the nomination.

Crazy? Absolutely.

Delusional? Nope.

Let me put it this way: If Rubio had these numbers instead, the pundits would be declaring the race all but over. But in actuality, Trump creams Rubio by 31 points in the new Morning Consult national poll. And the picture is similar in many important states:

Iowa: Trump +12
New Hampshire: Trump +18, +17+10
Nevada: Trump +20
South Carolina: Trump +2
Florida: Trump +18
New Jersey: Trump +13
Connecticut: Trump +11
Texas: Tied with Cruz

Recent polls show Carson still leading by a little bit in a few states like Virginia and Colorado, but it seems as though his bubble may finally be deflating. We shall see.

But what definitely isn't in doubt is Hillary Clinton's dominance among Democrats. Her leads in each of these polls range from big to huge...the only exception being New Hampshire, which has her at +21, +4 and -1 depending on which poll you want to look at.

However, don't bother with the general election polls right now. Quinnipiac is completely insane (as usual) with Hillary stuck in the 30s in Colorado, while PPP shows her almost competitive in SOUTH Carolina. These polls must have been taken in alternate universes.

I's hard for me to wrap my brain around a Clinton vs. Trump contest too. There's certainly time for a Rubio or Cruz or whoever to sneak up and beat him, but I'm starting to wonder if, after all these months, Trump's steady lead might just last long enough for him to win the nomination.

Only to be crushed in a historic landslide by Hillary, of course.

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  1. I've said this before--I think the nominee will be Trump. Then the interesting thing will be what will Republicans like Graham and McCain do about that--endorse Hillary?? PS the Fox Poll just released in NH has a 6 point Rep bias in the sampling.