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Hillary News & Views 11.5: “I have never seen anybody better prepared to be president. Ever."

Today's Hillary News & Views begins with an enthusiastic endorsement for the third female Secretary of State from the first.

The Concord Monitor reports:
If Hillary Clinton is looking for a cheerleader, she’s found one in former secretary of state Madeleine Albright.
“I have to tell you, I’m prejudiced. I’m completely in the bag for Hillary Clinton,” she told a packed room at the club’s house on Pleasant Street. Albright said Clinton’s record on domestic issues, as well as her depth of experience on foreign policy, serving as first lady, a United States senator and most recently as secretary of state puts her in a unique position to be commander in chief.
She told the cheering crowd of women it was time to put a woman in the White House, but was adamant that was not the only reason she was throwing her support behind Clinton.
“Even if she weren’t a woman, she would be the best candidate,” Albright said. “I have never seen anybody better prepared to be president of the United States. Ever.”
Over the course of the event, Albright persuaded at least one attendee to vote for Clinton. Former Concord city councilor and state representative Liz Blanchard, who said she had been leaning toward Clinton’s main opponent, Bernie Sanders, said hearing Albright speak changed her mind.
Also advocating for Clinton in a similar setting: Barney Frank.

Truth Dig reports:
“I think she’s gonna win,” Frank announced bluntly, drawing scattered murmurs from a crowd that, given the evening’s topic and speaker, probably included more than a few Sanders supporters.
When asked point-blank by an audience member why he thought Hillary is “trustworthy,” Frank harked back to the Clinton I era:
“Because I’ve watched her first of all as a very liberal advocate within her husband’s administration.”
What’s more, he claimed, during the tense days of the Bill Clinton impeachment rigmarole and attendant Kenneth Starr investigation, an inside source in that inquest admitted to Frank that it’d be a mischaracterization to say the Clintons had been “exonerated” once potentially incriminating inquiries about Whitewater and other subjects had been exhausted, “because there was never anything that implicated them.”
Connecticut governor Dannel Molloy is campaigning for Clinton today.

The Hartford Courant reports:
Gov. Dannel P. Malloy will make his second trip to New Hampshire on Thursday to campaign for Hillary Clinton. The Democratic governor will attend a forum on preventing gun violence in Lebanon. He will also hold a roundtable discussion with party activists in Keene, open a phone bank in Concord and attend a fundraiser at a winery in Sundown
Malloy, a Clinton loyalist, traveled to the Granite State in August to advocate for the Democratic presidential front-runner. "I have been a fan of hers for many years and I would like see her become the next president of the United States,'' he said. "I don't want to see Donald Trump as our president, I don't want to see Ted Cruz as our president, I don't want to see Ben Carson as our president and I don't want to see ... either guy from Florida as our president."
As the incoming head of the Democratic Governors Association, a post he will formally assume at the start of 2016, Malloy is expected to play an active role as a campaign surrogate for Democrats.

At a Town Hall event in Iowa, Clinton was asked a complicated foreign policy question that reinforced the depth of her knowledge and preparation for the presidency.

Her campaign is showcasing her response to the question she received about landmines in Laos:

As the media insists Clinton's gun control focus is a strategy for winning the primary, the Clinton campaign targets Republicans on the issue:
The New York Post is trying to make an issue out of a Clinton campaign hire.  

Vox reports:
Zac Petkanas was hired by the Clinton campaign a few days ago to run its "rapid response" communications team. In 2013 (according to the Post), while working for the Nevada Democratic Party, he was admitted to a New Orleans hospital — and when the nurse discovered Petkanas had methamphetamine in his pocket, he was arrested in the hospital for drug possession. Petkanas agreed to do a pretrial diversion program, and the charges were dropped; he also, voluntarily, went into rehab.
The Post doesn't offer any explanation for why Petkanas's 2013 arrest for methamphetamine possession would make it harder for him to do his job in 2015. And it doesn't explain why his hire should be embarrassing to the Clinton campaign. The campaign doesn't appear to have tried to hide Petkanas's arrest from the public. To the contrary, a spokesperson told the Post that the incident "was a bad choice" but that Petkanas "has made a full recovery in the years since. We are very glad to have him on our team." And while there's a legitimate argument to be made that a political staffer's personal behavior matters when that behavior is at odds with the policies he's pushing, what happened to Petkanas is consistent with the public health approach that Clinton and other Democrats and criminal justice reformers are beginning to take to drug policy.
Thy Black Man has some thoughts about Clinton's "lock" on the black vote in both the primary and the general election:
She’s not bucking up against a history making adversary this go round but Democratic presidential rival Bernie Sanders. He’s made a mighty effort to get visibility, traction, and endorsements from black organizations and elected officials in South Carolina and elsewhere. It hasn’t happened, and likely won’t happen, not due to anything Sanders has done. His record and history on civil rights and wealth and income inequality and criminal justice reform is every bit as impeccable as Clinton’s.
But that record and history hasn’t been a central focus of Sanders’ campaign, nor is it likely to be. It’s his relentless assault on Wall Street, corporate greed, and the wealth gap that’s his political mantra and strength. His advocacy has fired up the tens of thousands who have jam packed his rallies. In almost all cases, the overwhelming majority of whom are white. This isn’t a bad thing. But in a racially tense and polarized nation, where race matters, and matters greatly in politics, this single focus issue and the faces at his crowds haven’t been lost on many blacks.
Sanders big effort to get traction with black voters was never much of a worry for Hillary Clinton anyway. And neither is the GOP. In fact, it’s one of her greatest strengths and selling points with black voters, as it has been for Democrats the past half century. During this time, every GOP presidential candidate has gotten no more than a marginal percentage of the overall black vote. Its half century of race baiting, racial exclusion, and relentless and brutal assaults on affirmative action, voting rights, civil rights protections, and near eight year unbroken record of hectoring, harassing, and obstructing every program and initiative of President Obama has earned it the undying enmity of black voters.
A young feminist's letter to Hillary Clinton that we've featured in HNV before has now gone viral.  

ABC News reports:
Olivia wrote Mrs. Clinton about learning challenges and what she sees as unequal access to a great education.
"I have dyslexia and ADHD and my school is very expensive. I wish there were more public schools for kids with dyslexia like me," she wrote. And she wrote about same sex marriage: "Since I have 2 dads that is important to me."
It all started back in the summer, when Olivia wrote because she wanted to work on Hillary Clinton's campaign. Did her dad put her up to it? No.
"This was all her. She wrote a few drafts on her iPad and then she hand-wrote it", said her dad, Dominic.
"I'm a little feminist growing up to help all women with equal rights and I hope that you become the first woman president in the whole United States," she wrote.
The enthusiasm for Clinton's campaign isn't limited to young feminists, as demonstrated by fundraisers yesterday and today.   

Billboard reports:
Raising more than $1 million for her presidential election campaign in one night, Hillary Clinton was greeted Wednesday evening by a star-studded crowd at a Beverly Hills fundraiser hosted by pop star Christina Aguilera and her fiancé, producer Matthew Rutler. Katie Holmes, Muse singer Matthew Bellamy and 4 Non Blondes’ Linda Perry (who wrote Aguilera’s hit song “Beautiful”) were among the celebs who mingled with Clinton on her fifth fundraising trip to Los Angeles.
Also spotted in the crowd: Gangster Squad actress Ambyr Childers and her husband, Lone Survivor producer Randall Emmett, singer/actress Christina Milan and legendary music exec Irving Azoff. On Thursday morning, Rob Reiner and his wife Michele will host Clinton at a breakfast gathering at their Brentwood home, with tickets to the sold-out event ranging from $500 to $2,700 each.
On the frivolous side, some number crunching about Clinton campaign staffers. Vocativ reports:
Hillary Clinton may have raised more than $28 million last quarter, but the staffers running her campaign aren’t eating fancy fare. In fact, Clinton’s White House bid is largely fueled by pizza. According to filings from Q3, Team Hillary spent more than $6,000 on fast food in the months of July, August and September in 21 identifiable chow sessions. A full two-thirds of that was spent on pizza, with subs and donuts taking second and third, respectively, according to a Vocativ analysis. Bagels are the team’s breakfast of choice.
And I'm not going to link to the desperate, pandering Slate piece that Clinton is "smearing" her primary opponent with charges of sexism and racism.

I'll just share these Tweets from the feminist he quoted as trumping up misogyny charges without even bothering to include her name:
And a closing thought from Armando:

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