Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Hillary News & Views 11.4: Going Big on Guns and "the Best Boss I Ever Had"

Today's Hillary News & Views begins with the powerful new ad from Clinton's campaign, which was released in advance of a day on the trail that was focused on gun control.

Here's the new ad:
The Chicago Tribune reports:
"We're going to make this a voting issue just like the other side does," Clinton said at a town hall event in early-voting Iowa. Clinton said that while cutting down gun violence has become a tough political battle, she's determined to push measures that would expand background checks, make it harder for guns to land in the wrong hands and overturn a law shielding gun manufacturers in lawsuits.
At a Tuesday evening town hall at Grinnell College, Clinton didn't mention Sanders but said the 2005 law was "absolutely outrageous. I voted against that. Why on earth would you gift that to anybody?"
Newsweek reports:
Speaking at a townhall-style event in Coralville, Iowa, Clinton said gun violence affects urban, suburban and rural areas.
"This is a problem, it’s a danger, it’s a threat, everywhere in our country," Clinton said. On Monday, Clinton met in Chicago with mothers and others who have lost children and family members to gun violence or in race-related confrontations with law enforcement.
"They are determined to do what they can to try to prevent this from happening to any other family, and so am I," Clinton said in Iowa of the meeting.
Clinton reiterated on Tuesday that she would like to repeal a law that she believes unfairly protects gun manufacturers and dealers from being held accountable for crimes committed with ill-gotten weapons.
"I will fight to end the unique immunity that the gun makers and sellers have," Clinton said.

 Clinton made a lot more news in Iowa.

ABC News reports:
"I want to raise the federal minimum wage to $12, and encourage other communities to go even higher," Ms Clinton told a campaign event in Coralville, Iowa.
"I think we can manage it, and I don't think there should be any unintended consequences to job creation," Ms Clinton said at another campaign stop at Grinnell College.
"I'm more comfortable saying let's get to $12," Ms Clinton said at Grinnell, "in a reasonable, expeditious way."
Siouxland Matters reports:
Clinton stated that, "The VA does a lot of good for work for a lot of good veterans. But it has systemic problems. Those have been revealed and it's shameful. We have too many veterans who have been left out and denied the care that they need. I am in favor of fixing it and being really tough about fixing it."
The Washington Examiner reports:
"Ehud Barak offered Yasser Arafat a state and Yasser Arafat could not find it in himself to accept ... there could have been a Palestinian state of 15 years already if the Barak proposal had been accepted!" Clinton told a young former Bosnian refugee who said he would study at Tel Aviv University next year.
"So when I became secretary of state we tried again, we had three face-to-face-talks and that's the last time they ever met."
Clinton said she knew the path to peace in the region was difficult and that many tell her to "walk away, forget about it" and "give up on the two-state solution," but told the crowds she believes that would be "a terrible mistake."
Clinton also spoke of the Syria refugee crisis, slamming Saudi Arabia for not doing enough to help even though "they certainly have the means to do more."
Clinton also defended the Iran nuclear deal while reiterating her commitment to keep Tehran from getting a bomb, saying the U.S. is in "a stronger position to form a coalition against their other bad behavior because we have put a lid on their nuclear coalitions program."
We're definitely in prime campaign season now, as the polls are getting more frequent. Two more state polls were released yesterday from the early primary states.

CNN reports:
A whopping 71% of likely Democratic primary voters in South Carolina are leaning towards voting for Hillary Clinton, according to a new poll out on Wednesday from Winthrop University. Bernie Sanders takes 15% of the vote, while Martin O'Malley earns just 2%.
Clinton's support is even stronger in the African-American community, where she sweeps with 80% support among likely voters.
"African-Americans can make up over 50% of the Democratic presidential primary vote in South Carolina, which is a much larger portion than you'll see in the Iowa Caucus or New Hampshire primary," said Scott Huffmon, the Winthrop polling director, in a statement accompanying the poll results.
Press TV reports:
According to the Monmouth University poll released on Tuesday, 48 percent of Democratic voters in the state now support Clinton while 45 percent stand behind Sanders.
Clinton has gained seven percentage points since a Monmouth University poll in September while Sanders has taken a 4-point dip.
According to the poll, her lead came primarily as a result of increased support from women, up 14 points since September, and voters over the age of 50, also up 14 points.
Finally, a SuperPAC supporting Clinton has released the following ad, where a former employee of Clinton explains why she was the best boss ever:

Refinery 29 reports:
The new video features Elaine Weiss, who worked with the Democratic candidate in the early '80s at the American Bar Association's Commission on Women in the Legal Profession.
"She was the best boss I ever had," Weiss said in the video. "Throughout your life, you are going to face defeat, and watching Hillary graciously, professionally attack each day to overcome that is very powerful for young woman in her late 20s just entering the workplace."
"It's very frustrating that the general public doesn't see the person I see, committed to issues of women, not only talked the talk but walked the walk," Weiss told Refinery29. "It's more important than ever that any of us who can help the public better understand the three-dimensional person that they don't always see get out there."
The same SuperPAC is also responsible for this impressive ad showcasing Clinton's work on behalf of children's health care in Arkansas:

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