Monday, November 16, 2015

Clinton Wins Second Democratic Debate...and Probably Iowa Along With It

The first Democratic debate and the 11-hour Benghazi hearing cemented Hillary Clinton's frontrunner status after the late-summer doldrums.

The second Democratic debate demonstrated that Clinton is a candidate who can take a good punch and deliver an even bigger blow right back without flinching. Democrats and Republicans alike better beware...she's not going away.

O'Malley and Sanders both had some good moments, but the former seemed to be trying a little to hard to matter and the latter presented audacious ideas that seemed less and less practical as the night wore on. Meanwhile, Hillary sounded like a president.

The polls agree:

-67% of voters think Clinton won the debate, to 20% for Bernie Sanders and 7% for Martin O’Malley. On a related note 63% of viewers said the debate gave them a more positive opinion of Clinton, compared to 41% who said it gave them a more positive opinion of Sanders, and 37% who said it gave them a more positive opinion of O’Malley.
-Clinton is by a wide margin the candidate debate watchers trust the most on national security issues. 75% say they have the most faith in Clinton on that front, compared to only 17% for Sanders, and 5% for O’Malley.
CBS News:
Immediately after Saturday night's Democratic debate, CBS News interviewed a nationally representative sample of debate watchers assembled by GfK's Knowledge Panel who identified themselves as Democrats or independents. By a 23 point margin, these debate watchers say Hillary Clinton won the debate. Fifty-one percent say Clinton won, compared to 28 percent who favor Bernie Sanders. Just 7 percent pick Martin O'Malley as the winner. Fourteen percent called it a tie.
Among Democrats, Clinton is seen as winning by more than two to one, while independents are split between Clinton and Sanders.
As did an Iowa focus group:
On Saturday evening, Park Street Strategies (PSS) conducted a three-hour dial focus group with 33 undecided Democrats in Des Moines, Iowa. During the focus group, the respondents, all likely caucus-goers, live-dialed the entire Democratic debate, responding second-by-second to the candidates’ responses, and found that Hillary Clinton has clearly won this critical democratic debate.
“Clinton clearly won the Iowa debate tonight, and may have essentially ended the race. It was clear that Clinton’s answers on terrorism, and her improved answers on domestic issues, moved undecided Iowans in striking ways. It has almost definitively made Clinton the likely nominee, and is a profound lost opportunity for Sanders and O’Malley,” said Chris Kofinis, of Park Street Strategies.
The electability number is what will push Clinton over the finish line in Iowa:
1. Who Won: Clinton won the debate by a 23 to 10 margin compared to Sanders.
2. Who’s More Electable: By a 31 to 2 margin, these voters agree that Clinton is the most electable candidate.
By the way, some may not have liked the 9/11-Wall Street answer...but it doesn't make it any less true. With the constant attacks on "Wall Street ties", her widely-praised work on behalf of her constituents in Lower Manhattan needed to be pointed out at least once.

Watch the full debate below:


  1. Sorry for the delay in writing about this...I had an intense household project to complete this weekend!

  2. Hillary's winning the post debate polls and focus groups was NEVER mentioned on MSNBC on Sunday. OUTRAGEOUS!!

  3. SCREW msnbc and the HACKS THAT RUN THIS network.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. MSNBC and, worse yet, the other networks have an unwritten but completely transparent anti-Hillary position. I've maintained this throughout her campaign. Some democrats refuse to acknowledge this, but events such as this one, where MSNBC has refused to mention Hillary's debate victory, are making it increasingly difficult, if not impossible to deny. Not a single news show host, or any of their news-related professional guests, is pro-Hillary. It's outrageous. We've yet to call this hateful network media bias to account. Her pre-eminence in the polls, in spite of this media opposition, is all the more remarkable. It makes you wonder where her poll numbers would be, if it wasn't for this media prejudice against her.

    1. Luckily no one watches MSNBC anyway!

  5. The very same "media" which LOVES to point out Hillary's high NEGATIVES are the same networks (MSNBC in particular) that have been spreading lies about her for almost a year. Kristen Welker said her Chipolte photo was "infamous", Morning Joe hosts said her server was in a toilet closet in Denver, the same ditz (Scarborough) said Hillary had accepted a bribe from Algeria to get them off the state sponsors of terrorists list (not on it), relentless talk about Hillary's gaffe--which are NOT gaffes at all. The Today Show immediately labeled the email story as a "scandal". Robin Roberts said on GMA "another email headache for Hillary" which turned out to be NOTHING--Chuck Todd on MTP asked Sen Feinstein if Hillary had violated the NARA regulations--she said NO. This NO was never repeated on MSNBC that Sunday nor on Monday's Today Show.

    I can only repeat that Hillary's ONLY problem is the stench of the press.