Monday, November 16, 2015

Clinton Leads Sanders by 34 Points in New National Poll (UMass)

A new UMass national poll shows Hillary maintaining a huge lead over her nearest rival... and her electability is the key:
Clinton was the top choice among 63 percent of likely Democratic primary voters, compared to just 29 percent for Sanders. 
Democrats also view Clinton as having the best chance of winning the general election, with 78 percent seeing her as the most competitive candidate to take on the Republican nominee, compared to just 19 percent for Sanders.
“Even many of Sanders’ supporters recognize that Clinton has the best chance of winning in November, and that is obviously a key part of her campaign juggernaut,” Schaffner concluded.
The poll was conducted from November 5th-13th...before the second Democratic debate but right in the middle of Ben Carson's truth troubles and the fourth Republican debate. And it looks like Donald Trump has regained his frontrunner status with Ted Cruz now in third with double digits:
Trump leads the Republican field with 31 percent of likely Republican voters listing him as their first choice... Carson comes in second at 22 percent, followed by Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio at 13 percent and 9 percent, respectively. No other candidate was able to garner 5 percent support.
For some laughs, check this out: The Donald leads on electability as well (hah!) while Jeb has collapsed all the way down to a pitiful 3% overall support (hah hah!).


  1. What's that on the horizon? It's the Hillary Tsunami!

  2. Another poll that oversamples older voters and landlines. Keep citing those flawed polls though! Going to be fun to pull an Obama on you once again! Yes we can!