Thursday, November 19, 2015

Clinton Details Plan to Defeat ISIS and Assist Refugees

Today's speech and Q&A at the Council on Foreign Relations once again made clear that there is only one candidate on either side who is ready to be Commander in Chief on the first day in office.

With her usual thoughtful attention to detail, Clinton laid out a tough plan to defeat ISIS with the help of a robust international coalition and no American combat forces on the ground. She also reiterated her humanitarian stance of allowing Syrian refugees to settle into the country, hoping to convince a skeptical public in the process.

This is quite the opposite of what we're hearing from most Republican candidates, who simultaneously long for another American ground war in the Middle East while coldly rejecting those who are attempting to flee from the enemy. And even worse...if you can believe it...via Marco Rubio.

Meanwhile, Hillary's campaign sent out these tweets:

Quite the contrast, eh?

Check out the full transcript as well as video of the speech and Q&A with Fareed Zakaria above.


  1. I don't think most of the Republican candidates could even read this speech, much less write or understand it.

    1. Haha exactly. Can't wait to hear Ben Carson's big ISIS speech!