Thursday, October 1, 2015

Wendy Davis Endorses Hillary Clinton

Wendy Davis, the Democratic folk hero and should-be Texas governor who inspired a nation and jumpstarted a movement by standing up for women's reproductive rights in an epic 12+ hour filibuster in 2013, has officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.
Wendy Davis, former Democratic candidate for Texas governor, endorsed Hillary Clinton for president Wednesday, saying the former secretary of state will be rewarded for her long history in Lone Star politics come Election Day.

"I know that Hillary holds Texas in a very dear place in her heart," Davis said, alluding to the Clintons' work registering black and Hispanic voters in the 1970s in the Rio Grande Valley. "What those of us know who've been around the Texas scene for a long time is that Hillary and Bill Clinton cut their teeth organizing communities in South Texas and creating the kinds of relationships that show they understand the real needs of people, not only in this state, but across these United States."
This is big deal and here's why: Despite her loss last year, Davis did Texas proud as our standard-bearer and she remains an extremely popular figure among Democrats not just here but nationwide. As Hillary campaigns throughout Texas in the coming months, having Wendy right by her side will undoubtedly be a huge boost. And campaign here she will, because Texas is by far the biggest Super Tuesday state and second only to California in total delegates.

As a reminder, Super Tuesday is March 1st...right on the heels of the first four states and a mere three days after the South Carolina primary. And according to a recent poll, Clinton leads Sanders 53%-21% with the still-undeclared Biden at 14%. (Is the Clinton nomination endgame coming more into focus now?)

Davis also had kind words for Hillary's rival for the nomination, but reiterated that her candidate is the best person for the job:
"I think Bernie Sanders is wonderful, and I love his message, but I do believe Hillary has shown herself to be the exemplary candidate in terms of the person who's best equipped to do this," Davis told reporters after her remarks, bringing up early polls that show Clinton with a "wide lead" in Texas. "She's been loyal to this state, and I expect that this state's going to be loyal to her."
Right when she was needed the most, Wendy (quite literally) stood up for the women of Texas...and she's keeping up the fight by helping to elect the first woman President of the United States.

Considering that the all-out war on Planned Parenthood and women's reproductive choices has moved from Austin to Washington D.C., it wouldn't hurt Clinton one bit to have Davis by her side as she campaigns in the other 49 states as well.

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