Saturday, September 24, 2016

This Photo of Hillary May Surprise You...But It Really Shouldn't

Note: Originally published on October 18th 2015, this post (which also appeared on Daily Kos) has already been shared over 40,000 times! With so much troubling news and awful Trump antics filling the airwaves, I thought it was worth sharing again in the run-up to the first debate. -Scott

This photo, taken last month in the backyard of an Iowa State Senator, was posted to the official Hillary for Iowa Facebook page on Saturday.

A voter describes the scene:
"It was Hillary’s interaction with my kids. We were in Liz Mathis' backyard, and we went up to greet her. I couldn’t believe how my seven-year-old was acting with her—swinging her arm, hanging on her. He doesn’t do that with strangers. I was thinking, 'What are you thinking?! It’s Hillary Clinton!' 
So as we’re standing there taking our picture with her, I said: 'We believe in you, and we’re here with you a hundred percent. What you’ve done for healthcare, women’s issues, children’s issues’—and she turned to me, and she put her hands on my kids, Sydnei and Fayde, and she said ‘I’m doing it for them.' And I started crying.

As we're walking away, I turn around—and there’s Hillary and Fayde, laughing. She said 'are you ticklish?’ and he said 'only in my armpits.' Then they were tickling. And he goes, with his tongue out: 
I couldn’t believe it."
–Linda, Marion
This photo and story may surprise you, but it really shouldn't.

When looking at the entirety of Hillary Clinton's life and accomplishments, the most obvious common thread is her passionate advocacy for children and families.

From volunteering to babysit for immigrant families as part of her church youth group, to her first job out of law school working for the Children's Defense Fund, to fighting for and achieving higher educational standards as First Lady of Arkansas, to being a driving force in the creation of the Children's Health Insurance Program in 1997 (which now covers over eight million kids), to her numerous initiatives as Secretary of State to improve girls education worldwide...the record on this could not be more clear or inspiring.

So when Hillary says that she's in this race for the children, you better believe that it's not just a political soundbite. They have been the obvious focus of her life's work for many decades and she's not stopping anytime soon.

The gleeful childlike laugh in this photo also makes something else clear: She loves them.

And it looks like the feeling is mutual.


  1. I'm a Hillary fan. However there is something about this picture that isn't sitting well. It just doesn't look like Hillary. It's the mouth. It is not Hillary's mouth. Just asking the question before someone does from an enemy camp. Are you sure this is Hillary?

    1. I'm absolutely 100% sure that this is Hillary!

    2. maybe it's because she's smiling and truly happy. she doesn't get much opportunity to get to be herself and just enjoy the moment.

  2. can name just one thing I can give Hillary credit for: SChip, the Medicaid insurance program for kids. Since she backed the "Welfare Reform" that cut aid to families and is directly responsible for the meteoric rise in child poverty, she gets an "F" on children's issues. If parents can't even afford housing or get their own Medicaid, Medicaid for kids is hardly a sufficient replacement.

    She also has promoted dirty climate disrupting fossil fuels like tar sands and unregualted fracking that will do more damage to kids than almost anything

    1. Wow, Hillary sounds like the worst person on the face of the earth. Thanks for your thoughtful input.

    2. Learn how our system of gov't works:

      The Congress makes the laws. The President -- not the President's spouse -- either signs or vetoes those laws.

      Your attitude is the same as Sanders': He accuses Hillary Clinton of "supporting" the 1994 Crime Bill. The fact is that Clinton was not in the Congress, therefore couldn't VOTE for it.

      And the fact is that Sanders VOTED FOR the 1994 Crime Bill.

      But, being a Saint, Sanders is pre-emptively absolved for his lying -- such as his lie about Clinton's "minimum wage" proposal -- among his constantly moralizing "Fans". She is not opposed to $15 an hour. What she is for is tying the minimum wage to the local COST OF LIVING, therefore AGAINST destroying small businesses that can't afford $15 per hour, and the jobs of those who were employed by those businesses.

  3. Everyone keeps saying Mrs. Clinton is not authentic. Pictures don't lie and children can spot a fake. Mrs. Clinton is the real thing and will be a wonderful president. I admire her work ethic and her commitment to public service.

    1. Not "Everyone". Only Republicans, and Republicans posing as leftist progressives who -- only by "coincidence" -- mud-sling REFUTED REPUBLICAN smears at her.

      There is no question, despite all the lying, that Clinton is a progressive.


    1. Yep.

      And President Obama is the most admired male politician around the world, even though he stubbornly insists on being President While Being Black.

  5. Hillary Clinton is great women! Her is a beatiful and intelligent. I very admiration