Thursday, October 29, 2015

Reuters Tracking Poll: Clinton Leads Sanders 72%-23% Among Likely Democratic Voters

In the latest edition of the Reuters/Ipsos tracking poll, Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders by an impressive 54%-34% among all Democrats and 58%-31% among registered Democratic voters.

But when the likely voter screen is added, her lead skyrockets to a whopping 49 points (72%-23%). That's an amazing jump of 17 points from October 21st (Biden's dropout date and Benghazi hearing eve) to October 27th.

I'd say that counts as a really, really good week.


  1. Surprise , this poll was conducted by HIllary headquarters = SKEWED. Bernie is actually within a margin of error in Iowa and closing. and still ahead in new Hampshire.

    1. Hillary for America controls Reuters? How so?

  2. Wow. Trolls out in full force. How exactly would a pro Hillary blog control Reuters? Do tell...

  3. I think you need to take a look at those Iowa polls again. Hillary has a substantial lead.