Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Republican Debate #3 Watch Party

Oh, this will be fun! Here are a few very nonscientific predictions:

-Obviously, now that Trump is slipping into 2nd place, he's going to go hard at Carson. And the doctor may not be ready to deal with the onslaught.

-Bush is going to nail Rubio over that Florida newspaper that just called on him to resign because he hates his job as a Senator and never shows up. And Bush might not be the only one to attack. There will be sweat.

-Rand Paul will have another rough night, leading to an exit from the race soon. Which would have happened anyway.

-Ditto Chris Christie.

-Jeb will be high-energy (for him), but will also come across as uncontrollably pissy at times. Because he's really not enjoying this whole situation.

-Cruz will have another solid showing and will soon rise to 3rd place in the polls.

-Huckabee, Fiorina and Kasich will also have good nights, but not good enough.

-Hillary's poll numbers will tick up even further after this shit show.

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UPDATE: What was I thinking?! That wasn't fun at all...except for witnessing the final electoral destruction of Jeb and hopefully the entire Bush clan with him. He certainly tried to go after Rubio, who ended up turning the attacks to his advantage. He was ready for this...and Jeb has got to be among the worst attack dogs of all time. And oddly enough, it was Christie who finished Jeb off with a line about fantasy football, of all things. Then there was the uncomfortable "warm kiss" thing. Bye, Jeb. Go off and do lots of "cool things" without us.

Otherwise, I should probably stop trying to predict debates because I got most of these wrong. Perhaps they all sensed that Carson was too well-liked and not great at debates anyway, so why bother going after him? He'll probably hang in there, as will Trump...though the novelty is noticeably wearing off. Paul, Fiorina, Huckabee and Kasich (despite a feisty start) didn't connect like they needed to, and Paul needed this the most. He may be out of there soon. But Christie is good in this format and lives to fight another day.

Other than Rubio, Cruz had the best night and is still poised to do a bit better in the polls in the coming weeks and months. The hardcore conservative base likes him more than Rubio, who is more of the press darling. Plus Cruz has a lot more money. We'll see how this shakes out.

Dark clouds on a good night for Rubio: Defending his tax plan. Also, he looked like a little kid compared to his much taller opponents and wouldn't stop talking about his parents. The SNL skit writes itself.


  1. It's unbelievable that the press can allow someone like Rubio to call Clinton a "liar' on national TV and NOT tell us where she exactly lied. Apparently Rubio doesn't understand English very well since Hillary has already explained that on the night she made the call to the pres of Egypt and the email to Chelsea-the terrorist group Ansar al Sharia had CLAIMED responsibility for the attack THEN they reneged on that so everybody went back to the video scenario.

    ALSO the press has given a fre pass to Rubio on his LIE that his parents escaped Cuba under the communist "thumb" of Fidel Castro. His parents left Cuba in May 1959 (Castro wasn't even IN Cuba then) and Fidel took over in January 1959. YET he plays the "escape from Communism" card with impunity.

    1. Marco is wide open for a slapdown but Jeb is not the guy to do it. Trump, on the other hand? Did you see how quickly he buzzkilled Kasich?