Thursday, October 15, 2015

Julian Castro Endorsed Hillary Clinton in San Antonio...and I Was There

But did I take this photo? I wish.
Hillary/Julian 2016!
Hillary Clinton picked up a major endorsement Thursday, one so critical to her campaign that she held a campaign rally to highlight it.
Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Julian Castro, is the second person in President Barack Obama's cabinet and first major Latino to endorse Clinton.
"Having watched and respected for years now Secretary Clinton, I know that she appeals to Americans of all backgrounds and colors, different perspectives and walks of life," Castro said with Clinton standing next to him at an event in San Antonio, Texas.
Clinton, who is riding a wave of momentum after a well-regarded debate performance in Las Vegas Tuesday night, spoke to an enthusiastic crowd where she called Castro, who is the popular former mayor of San Antonio, a great leader who "gives a really good speech."
Right before the rally, Clinton was asked about Castro as a running mate should she win the nomination. And it seems like the thought probably crossed her mind...

This endorsement is special for several reasons. One, the 2012 Democratic Convention keynoter was a terrific mayor for the seventh largest city in the country and remains very popular in his current job in Obama's cabinet. Two, he just might be the next Vice President (and I'm totally on board with that idea). And three...I was there to see it in person.

I live in Austin and didn't initially plan on travelling the 90 or so miles to San Antonio just for a campaign rally, figuring that Hillary would probably have an event in my hometown at some point soon. But then I heard that Julian would be there endorsing. And then it also dawned on me that this was actually Hillary's first Texas rally since March 2008.

So yeah, I had to go...and it was great!

The venue was packed with happy and enthusiastic supporters, and in her fiery speech Hillary talked about her longtime connection with the Latino community, GOP attacks on voting rights in Texas and elsewhere, and this:

All in all, a terrific time was had...and I'm already stoked for the next one!

And now I shall end rather undramatically with a few of my own mediocre-to-decent photos from the event (click on them for much bigger versions):

The long, long line to get in.
Awesome banners!
Packed. I was in the very back in what seemed to be an overflow area.
The best photo I was able to get of Hillary and Julian. But that's ok! Just happy to be there.


  1. UPDATE! Wanna watch the whole speech?

    Here it is!