Friday, October 16, 2015

Hillary Retakes the Lead in New Hampshire in Post-Debate Poll

After trailing in New Hampshire since the mid-summer, Hillary Clinton now edges Bernie Sanders there 37%-35% according to a Suffolk University/Boston Globe post-debate poll of likely primary voters.

Yep, she definitely won the debate:
A majority of likely voters who watched the first televised Democratic debate Tuesday night said that former Secretary of State Clinton won (54 percent), while 24 percent said Sen. Sanders of Vermont prevailed.
“Clinton’s willingness to engage Sanders on gun control established her progressive credentials,” said David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center in Boston. “And her debate performance solidified her standing with New Hampshire Democratic voters, who have her leading her closest rival for the first time since July.”
Also, this is big:
When likely voters were asked which Democrat has the best chance of defeating the eventual Republican nominee, 52 percent said Clinton, 16 percent chose Sanders, and 14 percent selected Biden. However, 60 percent of those who watched the debate said that Clinton has the best chance in the general election, compared to Sanders and Biden (13 percent each).
Biden received a relatively low 11% support in this survey, suggesting that much of Clinton's boost came from his supporters. Should he opt out of running, Hillary's numbers will likely go even higher.

With an NBC online poll also showing a clear debate victory for her and Iowa Democrats seeming to agree, last Tuesday night is looking more and more like a dramatic game changer in favor of Hillary Clinton.



  1. I think the GOP and media's seven-month assault on Hillary succeeded in dropping expectations so low for her that people forgot what an amazing competent leader she is. I mean, this is the real Hillary we've known about for years, not someone who suddenly took her game to another level. This IS her normal level.

  2. This is the best news I've had all day. BUT the media totally IGNORED the Gravis Poll (10/9/15)--one short week ago, that had Hillary only down by three in NH!!

    1. Gravis were pretty bad in 2012...always showed Romney ahead. That's why I usually ignore them.

    2. But this poll was among Dems. I agree Rep vs Dem matchups are totally biased.