Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hillary News and Views 10.22: Limiting Mergers, Celebrating State Record, and the Post-Biden "Bounce"

Today's Hillary News & Views begins with Clinton's opposition to a proposed health care merger.  

USA Today reports:
Hillary Clinton is taking aim at the proposed merger of health insurance giants Aetna and Humana as she ratchets up her scrutiny of U.S. corporate consolidation and its effect on consumers.
In her first remarks about the deal, she expressed "serious concern" about the proposed union, as well as one between Cigna and Anthem. Clinton is urging regulators to closely scrutinize the mergers.
"I’m worried that the balance of power is moving too far away from consumers,’’ Clinton said in a statement provided by a campaign official.
"Companies proposing to merge bear the heavy burden of demonstrating that consumers will benefit,’’ said Clinton, noting that "too often the companies end up pocketing profits rather than passing savings to consumers.’’
In her statement, Clinton said the companies should "commit to passing on savings and efficiencies to consumers as lower premiums and out-of-pocket costs.’
Her comments are part of a broader health care agenda focused on the need to lower prescription drug and other out-of-pocket health care costs.
As she attempts to strengthen her position in the Democratic presidential field, Clinton is appealing to her party’s progressive base that has made reining in corporate excess, particularly on Wall Street, a top priority.

 Clinton has been using Twitter to celebrate her distinguished record as Secretary of State, which included... Restoring America's image in the world:
Laying the groundwork for the Iran deal:
Negotiating a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas:
Prioritizing women and girls:
Challenging the world on LGBT rights:
Also on Twitter, Clinton responded to Vice President Joe Biden's decision to not run for president:
Biden's exit from the race is likely to give Clinton a "bounce" in the polls, which belongs in quotes because it reflects a change in how the race is polled, and not necessarily a change in the race dynamics. Huffington Post reports:
Hillary Clinton, already seeing an uptick from her strong performance in the first Democratic primary debate, is likely to get another boost following Vice President Joe Biden's announcement on Wednesday that he won't run for president.
Recent polling tells a consistent story: With Biden out of the race, his supporters will disperse -- and that's generally to Clinton's benefit. Across six October surveys that reported results with and without Biden, Clinton led Sanders by an average of 23 points when Biden was included, and by 29 points when he was not.
Politico reports:
His absence from the race is likely to bolster Clinton's standing in the polls, since Biden's limited support came disproportionately at Clinton’s expense.
In the three national polls conducted since the first Democratic presidential debate last week that included a second-choice candidate option, Biden supporters flocked to Clinton over Sanders by a 3-to-1 margin.
The Hill reports:
Hillary Clinton tightened her grip on the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination Wednesday, when Vice President Biden announced he would not launch a White House bid. Biden’s decision to stay on the sidelines, coupled with Clinton’s commanding performance in last week’s debate in Las Vegas, gives the former secretary of State a strong wind at her back ahead of her testimony Thursday to the House Select Committee on Benghazi.
“It’s really good news for us,” said one staunch Clinton loyalist.
“Biden people are Clinton people and vice versa. This translates to more votes for us, I think.”
Democratic strategist Brad Bannon agreed.
“Biden would have drawn from the same well that Hillary Clinton did — establishment Democrats, minority Democrats, older Democrats,” he said. “All of those people, Clinton would have had to fight Joe Biden for. And now she doesn’t.”
Biden’s public agonizing over whether to run may have benefitted Clinton. Some insiders feel that Clinton has upped her game of late, as the threat from the vice president loomed larger.
The specter of Biden “caused [Clinton] to get better in the last couple of weeks,” said Democratic strategist Jamal Simmons. “I hope they continue along that path.”
Clinton is rolling out African-Americans for Hillary in Atlanta. Atlanta Daily World reports:
Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton will speak at Clark Atlanta University on Oct. 30, 2015.
Clinton’s appearance at CAU is part of her ambitious launch of “African Americans for Hillary,” a grassroots organizing event.
During the event, Clinton will lay out how she’s fighting to address issues important to the African American community. Earlier in the campaign, Clinton called racism “America’s original sin.”
Finally, I want to share a link to an excellent diary that was published earlier this week:
But what really impresses me about Hillary is her passion for human rights. She doesn't approach issues of women's rights, race, education or health from the economic base Bernie favours: she stands up for human dignity simply because people are human.
That's the Liberal approach rather than the Social Democracy approach. To me, where she's coming from is better suited to undermining the intellectual legitimacy of the Conservative line.
The Republican Party these days is flatly inhuman. It is intolerant, it is anti-science, anti-freedom, anti-democracy and anti-thought. Destroying them, which has to be America's number one priority, requires destroying the assumptions which underpin their every loathsome view.
Over the next 8 years, the fight is going to be against Republicanism. No-one is better at making Republicans look awful, at exposing their poverty of ideas, their poverty of spirit and their poverty of decency than Hillary, because she attacks their entire conceptual base in a way Bernie only scratches.


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