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Hillary News & Views 10.20: The Big Dog Is Ready to Bark!

Hey this is Scan covering for Lysis again for this edition of Hillary News & Views! Don't worry, he'll be back shortly...and though I'm certainly not Lysis, I will do my best off-kilter impression. (By the way, if you happen to be interested in helping us out with these...send me a message!)

I'm particularly excited about this first bit of news: The Big Dog is ready to bark in Iowa...alongside Katy Perry who is ready to roar!
Bill Clinton will join Hillary Clinton in Iowa on Saturday ahead of the Iowa Democratic Party’s Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, one of the major campaign events of the Iowa caucuses season.
The former president will attend a Clinton campaign rally in downtown Des Moines before the dinner, appearing with pop star Katy Perry. Hillary Clinton will attend the dinner, but has not yet set her schedule for earlier in the day.
This sounds like a major party and I seriously can't wait to see Bill out there in full force on the stump again!

There's another must-see event the night before:

These appearances, of course, immediately follow Thursday's much-anticipated Benghazi hearing. I'm sure you've all been following the dramatic and very satisfying collapse of Gowdy's sham committee and the email nontroverdy, and so has James Carville...but he warns about not getting complacent in the face of incompetence:
So here we are. At long last, it seems that "Hillary Clinton's emails" may soon, mercifully, end up in the ditch with all the other b*%$#!^& Clinton scandals the Republican and mainstream media's scandal complex has made up over the years.
Now, many of you believe that based on Hillary's superb performance in the Las Vegas debate and the utter collapse of this stupid email scandal that we should be feeling pretty good right about now.
People, please, don't you know exactly what's going to happen? If not, let this cynic spell it out for you.
Now that they've ridden the email thing into the cold, hard ground, the Republicans and the media will merely invent another scandal out of whole cloth. It'll get kicked up into a grade-A you-know-what storm, there'll be wall-to-wall speculation on cable news, and I'll be forced to go out and assure you that there's nothing to it except smoke and mirrors. It's the same garbage you've been dealing with for the last 22 years. This cycle will continue to repeat itself over and over again. That's just not going to change.
He's right, of course, and I'm halfway expecting a desperate resurrection of Clinton Cash before we're done with this thing.

In case you missed last week's excellent interview with Jake Tapper on CNN, in which we get a classic Hillary laugh when she once again gets the email question, here it is:

Almost 90 Texas Democrats, including some of the biggest names in state politics, are throwing their support behind Hillary:
Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign on Monday announced the support of almost 90 Texas Democrats, including well over a majority of the Texas Democrats holding elected office in the Texas Legislature and Washington, D.C.
The list puts the former secretary of state far ahead of any of her Democratic rivals in Texas when it comes to endorsements. This "Hillary for Texas Leadership Council," expected to grow as the race goes on, will be responsible for recruiting volunteers to help Clinton claim victory in Texas' March 1 primary.
The council features eight of the 11 Democrats in the Texas congressional delegation, seven of the 11 Democrats in the Texas Senate and 32 of the 52 Democrats in the Texas House. The list also includes the mayor of the largest city in the state — Annise Parker of Houston — as well as members of the city councils in Austin, Houston and San Antonio, plus elected officials from Bexar, Harris and El Paso counties. 
In statements, the newly announced endorsers touted Clinton's long relationship with Texas Democrats, which dates back to her voter registration efforts during the 1970s in South Texas. If Clinton were elected president, state Sen. Carlos Uresti said, "Texas will have our priorities and aspirations for the future represented in the White House like never before." 
And who can possibly argue with this one? Hillary is going after Turing Pharmaceuticals in a real way:
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Monday urged U.S. regulators to determine how to bring lower-cost generic drugs to market more swiftly and combat anticompetitive practices in the pharmaceutical industry.
Clinton's requests to the Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission were prompted by what she called the "egregious actions of Turing Pharmaceuticals," according to letters reviewed by Reuters.
The company drew fire from Clinton last month after news reports that it had raised the price of Daraprim, a 62-year-old treatment for a dangerous parasitic infection, to $750 a tablet from $13.50 after acquiring it.
Clinton's criticism sent drug industry stock prices tumbling. Turing Chief Executive Officer Martin Shkreli promised to lower Daraprim's cost to an unspecified price, and Turing is in the midst of a rebranding effort after being mocked on "Saturday Night Live."
In her letter to the FDA, which regulates food and drug safety, Clinton said that Turing has still not "meaningfully lowered the price." The company's decision to "artificially increase the price" exploited vulnerable patients dependent on the drug, which is often used by those with compromised immune systems, Clinton said.

"The FDA should expedite any pending reviews, and encourage applications for review, of other generic alternatives to Daraprim," Clinton wrote.
And there's also new TV ad on this very subject:
Well done! And might I add: #HillYes

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