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Hillary N&V 10.9: More TPP Fallout, Coal Callout, Wall Street Regs, and a Meeting with #BLM

Today's Hillary News & Views kicks off with more fallout from Clinton's announced opposition to the TPP, which is increasingly characterized as being an obstacle to its passage in Congress.

The New York Times reports:
Hillary Rodham Clinton dealt a significant blow to President Obama in his efforts to secure approval from Congress on his signature trade agreement, saying on Wednesday she could not support the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the 12-nation trade pact that she bolstered as secretary of state and that liberals in the Democratic Party have vehemently opposed.
Now that Mrs. Clinton has made her views known, Mr. Obama is in the awkward position of pushing a deal that could cement his economic and foreign policy legacy and that he says would “rebalance” relations between the United States and eastern Asia as his former secretary of state campaigns against it.
Because of late concessions to the pact, Mr. Obama has likely lost the support of some key Republicans in Congress, putting added pressure on him to appeal to Democrats who may be less inclined to get behind the deal now that the party’s most prominent presidential candidate has spoken out against it.
The Wall Street Journal has more:
Hillary Clinton broke with the White House by opposing its major Pacific trade agreement, undercutting President Barack Obama‘s efforts to win congressional approval for the deal and possibly straining her relationship with an administration she once served.
In a written statement released by her campaign, the Democratic presidential candidate said that the goal of trade pacts should be to produce new jobs, raise wages and protect national security.
The immediate impact of Mrs. Clinton’s move is that it is likely to make securing the deal harder, assuming she brings wavering lawmakers to her side, and it raises the possibility the matter will be punted beyond the 2016 elections.
Only 28 House Democrats voted with most House Republicans in June to give Congress expedited powers to approve the pact. Mr. Obama can’t lose more than a handful of supporters before the deal would be imperiled.
The Guardian reports:
But the pact’s chances of winning ratification in Congress diminished on Wednesday when Hillary Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner, said: “Based on what I know so far, I can’t support this agreement.”
Clinton’s statement was a major rebuff to Obama, who wants to make the 12-nation pact, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a centerpiece of his diplomatic legacy and his strategy to expand America’s role in Asia to counter China.
“Her decision is a critical turning point, and will be invaluable in our effort to defeat TPP,” said Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO, the main US labor federation... “Right now I don’t think TPP can get through Congress,” said Lori Wallach, a leading TPP critic and director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch.
“If the entire corporate coalition doesn’t line up in support and throw money at it and threaten to break knees, it’s going to have problems passing.”
You read that right. TPP might actually fail in Congress now because Clinton is opposing it. A primary goal of liberals that was once out of reach is now in sight because of Hillary Clinton.

Keep that in mind when you read all the hand-wringing over her alleged inconsistencies on the issue. It's a good way of separating those who are committed to an issue and those who want to use it as an election wedge.

And also when you read this, another example of Clinton enacting major change just by opening her mouth.

Reuters reports:
A $22 million deal between the Aluminum Company of America and Patriot Coal Corp has been abandoned as the coal company seeks to finalize its bankruptcy plan, which U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton criticized last week as "outrageous."
Patriot Coal of Scott Depot, West Virginia, has told a U.S. Bankruptcy Court judge it is running low on cash and needed court approval for its reorganization plan to avoid a liquidation. Clinton has said the company's plan would deprive retired workers of healthcare benefits.
As part of that plan, Alcoa Inc was set to pay Patriot $22 million to dissolve a joint venture called the Squaw Creek Coal Company, which operated a mine in Warrick County, Indiana.
Clinton, who is running for the Democratic Party nomination for the November 2016 presidential race, said Friday that Patriot's bankruptcy plan "must be stopped" because it did not preserve the retirement benefits that had been promised to its workers.
"Patriot Coal is trying to take $18 million of the $22 million put aside for retired coal miners, wives and widows and use it to pay its lawyers instead," Clinton said in a statement, referencing the Indiana mine.
H/T: Armando, who flagged the above article on Twitter.  

The following entry was written and formatted by Mark Lippman:

Hillary spelled out her plan to prevent a repeat of the 2008 economic meltdown in a piece that appeared in Bloomberg on Thursday. It's also on the campaign website.

Here's a summary:
First, it’s time for more accountability on Wall Street . . . People who commit serious financial crimes should face serious consequences
Second, I will work with Congress and independent regulators to rein in the complexity and riskiness of major financial institutions. My plan would also give regulators the authority they need to reorganize, downsize or even break apart any financial institution that is too large and risky to be managed effectively.
Third, we need a comprehensive strategy to reduce risk everywhere in the financial system. After all, many of the firms at the heart of the crash in 2008, like Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns and AIG, were not traditional banks. I’ll push for stronger oversight of the “shadow banking” sector, which includes certain activities of hedge funds, investment banks and other nonbank finance companies.
Fourth, we need to ensure that everyday investors and consumers can trust that our financial markets work for them -- and not just for insiders with the most sophisticated, specialized and fastest connections. That is why we should impose a tax on the high-frequency trading that makes our markets less stable and less fair.
Finally, I will veto any legislation that would weaken Dodd-Frank. We can’t go back to the days when Wall Street could write its own rules.
Today, Clinton will have her scheduled meeting with #BlackLivesMatter activists.

CNN reports:
Hillary Clinton will meet with members of Black Lives Matter and other affiliated groups Friday at the National Council of Negro Women in Washington, per a Clinton aide.
The Clinton campaign would not list who will attend the meeting, but the aide characterized the meeting as "important" and said that people are traveling from across the country to attend.
One known attendee: Deray McKesson, a well known and outspoken racial activists with a sizable Twitter following.
Members of Campaign Zero, an organization affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement working to end police brutality, will also attend the meeting.
"We sort of see this meeting as part of an ongoing conversation that we are having with different parts of the movement and other stake holders, activists and people who have been working on criminal justice issues and sentencing reform," the aide said.
The aide added, "This is something we wanted to do from the beginning in terms of reaching out to different people, stakeholders, activists and people working on criminal justice reform. Hillary Clinton believes that it is important to engage a range of people on policy."
Clinton has made police reform a priority in her presidential campaign. Her first speech as a candidate was on addressing police brutality with body cameras and in July, Clinton told a largely black audience in South Carolina that it is time for the United States to confront "systemic racism."
Yesterday, Clinton addressed the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute at their annual awards gala.
The Charlotte Observer reports:
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke briefly, saying that too many people in the U.S. don't see how vital Latinos are to the nation.
"It's a problem when a leading Republican candidate for president says that immigrants from Mexico are rapists and drug dealers," Clinton said, referencing comments that Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump made last summer.
She said it was a problem when candidates "use offensive terms like 'anchor babies,'" a phrase that Republican Jeb Bush used to describe infants whose parents come to America specifically so their children are born in the U.S. and granted automatic citizenship. Bush has said he was referring mostly to the so-called birth tourism industry.
To that, Clinton said, "Basta. Enough. End this," using the Spanish term for "enough."
Politico reports that Clinton was heckled:
Hillary Clinton was briefly interrupted by a heckler during her award presentation at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute’s gala Thursday.
The front-runner for the Democratic nomination did not address the individual but Roselyn Sanchez, the actress and singer emceeing the event, said she didn’t know how politicians were able to keep talking while they were being yelled at.
“That was real intense, my Puerto Rican temper would be like ‘excuse me?’” Sanchez said after Clinton finished presenting her award.
The protester, from United We Dream Action, was protesting private-prison corporations' donations to Clinton's campaign.
Clinton was at the event to present her friend, celebrity chef José Andrés, with a 2015 Medallion of Excellence Award. 
"I am grateful to Jose Andrés for his courage to stand up against hateful immigrant rhetoric,” Clinton said, “and his margaritas,” she continued.
Clinton was referring to an $8 million counter-lawsuit by Andrés after Donald Trump sued the chef for breach-of-contract after Andrés pulled out of a contract over Trump's controversial comments about illegal immigrants.
On Thursday, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, former Marlyand Gov. Martin O’Malley and former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore spoke at the CHCI presidential forum. They were the only 2016 candidates to accept an invitation.
Despite her absence at the forum, Clinton elicited widespread applause and chanting during the awards ceremony, where she continued to drive her message of a Hispanic-friendly candidate.
"The U.S. needs — and let me stress that — we need the contributions of Latinos in every capacity,” she said.
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