Monday, October 5, 2015

Hillary Just Had the Best Week of Her Campaign

Did you notice a shift in the winds this week? The first cool breeze after a long harsh summer? Some might think it's the start of autumn, but here's what it actually was: Hillary just had the best week of her campaign so far.

Don't believe me? Let's run through the days:

-Last Sunday, Clinton sat down with Chuck Todd on Meet the Press and talked about email just about the whole time. The overwhelming consensus was that she handled every question extremely well...and the crickets you've been hearing regarding this phony "scandal" for the past week are evidence of that. Also, later that day the New York Times had to run yet another embarrassing correction about an entirely different bit of nonsense. This was a nice one-two punch against the continuing journalistic nonsense that we are all tired of. Time to move on, guys.

-On Monday, Hillary did another Facebook Q&A and it was just as substantial, newsworthy and fun as the first one.

-On Tuesday, possible speaker-to-be Kevin McCarthy proudly proclaimed on national television that the House Select Committee on Benghazi was nothing but a political sham to bring down Hillary. We're still feeling the reverberations on this one...and will for a long time to come. Well done, sir!

-On Wednesday, Democratic folk hero and should-be-Texas governor Wendy Davis endorsed Clinton...a key boost in a crucial Super Tuesday state. Also, her campaign announced that they had raised raised a whopping $28 million for the fundraising quarter...the most of any candidate.

-On Thursday, a USA Today/Suffolk poll showed Clinton holding on to an 18-point national lead over Sanders (41%-23%) even while the still-undeclared Biden pulled 20%. That same day, a Marquette University poll showed Hillary crushing all Republicans in the crucial "blue wall" state of Wisconsin. While this is only a small slice, Hillary's numbers last week were generally solid across the board and possibly even on the upswing. Stay tuned!

On Friday, a huge crowd gave Clinton a rock star welcome at Marc Anthony's concert in Miami...on the same day that Jeb Bush made himself and his entire party look absolutely awful with the "stuff happens" fiasco.

And saving the best for last on Saturday, Hillary delivered a well-received speech for the Human Rights Campaign, received the endorsement of the nation's largest labor union and ...oh yeah... absolutely slayed on Saturday Night Live.

Not bad, eh? This actually might have been the best week of any candidate so far this year. But it was only a warm-up for the month of October, which will bring (among many other things) the first Democratic debate and the Benghazi testimony in Congress.

It's a new season and the smell of victory is in the air. Are you ready?



  1. Yes, a great week for her - and deservedly so! When the issues and her message get publicity. Hillary does well. Too bad Savannah Guthrie blew it on this morning's interview with Hillary. I lost all respect for her - nothing but Benghazi and emails. Hillary did well with the people, though. I've come to the conclusion the national press is nuts.

    1. "Why can't you connect?" "Why do people like Bernie more?" "Emails, emails, emails?" - that was the gist of it. The town hall as a whole was fine though. Some excellent answers.

  2. Why does Biden continue to show interest in the presidential race, even after Hillary made clear that her campaign had overcome an obstacle which made a Biden entry unnecessary.