Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Clinton Wins the First Democratic Debate...and it Wasn't Even Close

After months of relentlessly negative coverage and over-the-top scandalmongering from the press, Tuesday's debate was a stark reminder of the reality of the situation: Hillary Clinton is a staggeringly impressive and undeniably historic candidate for President of the United States.

She also happens to be an ass-kicking progressive Democrat. How cool is that?

Instead of pining for Biden to swoop in, shouldn't we be thanking our lucky stars that Hillary decided to enter the political fray once again to serve our country and keep the White House blue for another eight years? And serve she will. Because after watching this debate performance, do you really think any one of those GOP jokers would stand a chance against her? Trump? Carson? Bush? Rubio? I just don't see it. All of them would be eaten alive...with a smile.

Hillary may have shoved an elbow or two towards her Democratic rivals, but it's nothing compared to the devastation that she'll bring forth onto the poor unfortunate soul who finally becomes the Republican nominee.

For the record, Sanders absolutely had several very fine moments after some early stumbles on gun control and Putin. And O'Malley delivered the most stirring closing statement of the night. (The less said about Webb and Chafee the better.) But this was the Hillary show for a very simple reason: She was the most impressive overall candidate for president on that stage and it's hard to argue otherwise.

For those who watched most or all of her 25+ debates in '07-'08, this was no surprise. She's just really damn good at this...possibly the best there is. But even with that record, this debate was one of the finest moments of her political career.


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  1. I'm Proud supporter of Hillary!!! Vamonos con Todo!!! 2016-2024!