Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Clinton Stands With Las Vegas Union Against Donald Trump

LAS VEGAS — Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told a large group of union picketers outside the hotel bearing Donald Trump’s name here Monday that Trump’s rhetoric on the presidential campaign trail is “unacceptable behavior.”
“Some people think Mr. Trump is entertaining,” Clinton said at a protest hosted by the Culinary Workers Local 226, which is locked in a contract battle with the Trump casino over wages and health care benefits. “But I don’t think it’s entertaining when somebody insults immigrants, insults women.”
Clinton made a somewhat surprise appearance at the rally, with local press in Vegas getting word of her arrival shortly before she appeared at the rally. National press, in town for Tuesday’s Democratic Party debate, eventually showed up too, and Clinton spoke before a slew of TV cameras.
She told the workers she was there to show “solidarity” with their cause and to push back on Trump.
“I think you have a right to organize, you have right to safe working conditions, you have a right to a living wage,” she said. “And you have to say yes to all of that and you have to say no to efforts to prevent you from organizing to prevent you from having the kind of working conditions you deserve.”
“And that means saying no to Donald Trump,” she added.
Also, it should be noted:
The appearance at a boisterous rally of the politically potent Culinary Workers Union was a win-win for Clinton, letting her signal her support for an influential union while taking aim at the Democratic party's favorite foil. The union, which represents casino and resort workers, is trying to organize hotel employees and invited all of the five candidates in town for the debate to the rally.
Clinton was the only one who showed up, clad in a red pantsuit that matched the crimson union shirts.
Well done, Hillary! Taking this stand with such an important union could not have been a more perfect moment for the eve of the first Democratic debate.

Watch the full video below.

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