Monday, October 12, 2015

Clinton Leads Big in Nevada but is Absolutely Crushing it in South Carolina

Hillary seems to be a little bit ahead in Iowa and Bernie seems to be a little bit ahead in New Hampshire, but what about the other two crucial February contests?

According to a new CNN/ORC poll, Clinton is doing very well in Nevada:
Clinton has the support of 50% of those who say they are likely to attend the Democratic caucus scheduled for February 20 in Nevada -- which plays host to the first debate among the declared Democratic candidates on Tuesday and is the first state to elect delegates after Iowa and New Hampshire. 
Sanders follows at 34%, then Vice President Joe Biden at 12%, with the rest of the field garnering less than 1% support.
But in South Carolina, Hillary absolutely dominates:
Among those who say they are likely to vote in South Carolina's primary, set for one week after Nevada's caucuses, Clinton holds a larger edge, 49% to Biden's 24%, with Sanders at 18% and former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley at 3%.
Remember, South Carolina is just three days before Super Tuesday...and a big win there would provide some great momentum for those states, which look good for Hillary already.

And if there's no Joe? Look out Bernie!
Should Biden decide to sit out the race for the presidency, Clinton's lead grows in both states. In South Carolina, a Biden-free race currently stands at 70% Clinton to 20% Sanders with O'Malley holding at 3%, and in Nevada, Clinton gains 8 points to 58%, while Sanders picks up just 2 points and would stand at 36%.
This is still the most likely scenario if you ask me, but hopefully Biden won't keep us waiting too much longer. Come on, Joe...let us know!


  1. Hopefully Biden knows what is at stake and won't be a spoiler.

    1. I don't think he will, but only Joe knows!

  2. Hillary is the best qualified, and has worked for the middle class and women her entire career! Two brains for the price of one, I hope America wakes up!