Thursday, October 1, 2015

Clinton Holds Strong in Wisconsin

The constant barrage of polls with results seemingly from alternate universes can be confusing, but a highly-respected poll in Wisconsin is telling us that Hillary is holding strong in a state that is crucial to the 2016 electoral "blue wall":

Clinton 50 percent, Bush 38 percent
Clinton 48 percent, Rubio 40 percent
Clinton 50 percent, Trump 36 percent

Also, her lead over Sanders remains unchanged...though Biden's upcoming decision could change that soon:
On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton leads with 42 percent, followed by Bernie Sanders with 30 percent and Joe Biden at 17 percent. Martin O’Malley receives 1 percent with Lincoln Chafee and Jim Webb at less than 1 percent. In August, Clinton was at 44 percent, Sanders at 32 and Biden at 12 percent and the rest below 1 percent.
Walker's disastrous run helped to reap rewards across the board. Not only are his approval numbers in the toilet, but Feingold leads big in his senate race and Sanders is crushing the Republicans too. Thanks for the lousy run, Scotty-boy!

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  1. Walker was my number two least favorite of the Clown Bunch. Really not sorry to see him go.