Wednesday, September 2, 2015

New Iowa Poll: Clinton Way Ahead of Both Sanders and Biden

The latest poll from Loras College has good news for the Hillary Clinton's Iowa campaign.

Even with Joe Biden included as an option, she still has a huge lead:
Candidate Preference
Results among likely Democratic caucus attendees are as follows:

Candidate Support
(as first choice)
            Candidate Support
            (as first or second choice)
Hillary Clinton 48.2 percent           Hillary Clinton 73.5 percent         
Bernie Sanders 22.9 percent Joe Biden  47.4 percent        
Joe Biden 16.3 percent Bernie Sanders         39.4 percent
Martin O’Malley 4.0 percent Martin O’Malley        9.8 percent
Lincoln Chafee 0.6 percent Jim Webb                   1.6 percent
Jim Webb 0.4 percent Lincoln Chafee           1.2 percent
Undecided 6.4 percent
As the pollsters note, Clinton would reap the benefits if Biden doesn't run:
In looking at the second choices of voters, it appears that if Joe Biden decides not to run for the nomination, Hillary Clinton will be the beneficiary of that decision. Of the voters who chose Biden as their first choice, 54.9 percent indicated Hillary Clinton was their second choice, while only 20.7 percent indicated they supported Bernie Sanders as their second choice. Overall, Joe Biden was the most popular second choice candidate, being selected by 31.1 percent of all likely voters.
Both Clinton and Sanders are popular with Democratic voters, but Clinton's running especially strong with certain demographics:
In all, it appears Sanders draws his support most from among those with the highest levels of formal education, of liberalism, and those with middle and upper income levels. Clinton does better with those with lower levels of education and of lower income status, as well as moderate and conservative likely Democratic caucus-goers,” Budzisz remarked.

Clinton also captures the first-choice support of 54.2 percent of females, with Sanders capturing 21.4 percent. However, within the ranks of those identifying him as their first-choice candidate, Sanders receives roughly equal support from males and females (51.3 percent and 48.7 percent respectively). Clinton supporters are more imbalanced. Among those who chose her as their first-choice candidate, 58.7 percent are female, 41.3 percent male.
 All in all, good news from Iowa, where Clinton will spend her Labor Day weekend on the campaign trail!


  1. Great! Keep those polls coming, especially the good ones. :)

  2. I am so happy just to see a poll presented with all the extra info -- some polls make Sanders look like he's really beating her until you notice those numbers are 'if' Biden runs. Unless Biden actually announces very soon they need to take him out of the polling questions