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Hillary News & Views 9.29: Confronting China, Chatting on Facebook, and a Woman's Work

Today's edition of Hillary News & Views begins with the controversy surrounding Clinton challenging China on its abysmal human rights record.

 CNN reports:
China has lashed out at Hillary Clinton for her tweet criticizing Chinese President Xi Jinping's record on gender equality, accusing her of being a "rabble-rouser" intent on China-bashing to win election points.
The English edition of Global Times, a state-run media outlet, ran the editorial on Monday saying she had "resorted to these ignominious shenanigans" and likened her to another 2016 candidate, Donald Trump.
It added: "Hillary was a lawyer, the former hostess of the White House, and also a senior leader in the government. It is a pity that even the former first lady has also thrown away her decency and reputation only to gain a leg up in the election."
U.S. presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton criticized Chinese President Xi Jinping for co-hosting a summit on women's rights with the United Nations whilst punishing several prominent women's rights activists in his own country.
Here's the tweet in question:
And a bit more from CNN:
Clinton was referring to the cases of five Chinese women activists -- Wei Tingting, Wu Rongrong, Li Tingting, Wang Man and Zheng Churan -- who were detained in March for campaigning against sexual harassment.
Although China released them on bail 37 days later, their ordeal continues. The five women are subject to surveillance for a year, their activities restricted, and police can call them in for questioning at any time.
"This shouldn't be a moment of celebration," Wu's lawyer Liang Xiaojun told CNN at the time. "The arbitrary detention and release of these women really shows the backwardness of China's legal system."

Scan at HillaryHQ has collected all of Clinton's Facebook Q&A exchanges from yesterday. Here are a few highlights.

On Jeb!'s offensive comments on how he'll appeal to African-Americans:
That kind of rhetoric is deeply insulting, whether it comes from Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney or Donald Trump.
I think people are seeing this for what it is: Republicans lecturing people of color instead of offering real solutions to help people get ahead, including facing up to hard truths about race and justice in America.
Not to mention - Republicans have no problem promising tax breaks and sweetheart deals to their corporate friends, but when Democrats fight to make sure all Americans have access to quality, affordable health care, early childhood education, and job training, that's giving away "free stuff"?! Talk about backwards.
And that’s not all. I’m calling for an end to the era of mass incarceration, criminal justice reforms, and protecting voting rights, but Republicans across the country are making it harder to vote. That’s wrong and it’s got to change. -H
On issues she wishes the media would pay more attention to:
There's early childhood education; better treatment and prevention of substance abuse; removing the stigma around mental health so people get the treatment they need; protecting voting rights; equal pay, which sometimes gets talked about but nothing ever seems to get done about; wage stagnation; and getting dark money out of politics.
I wish there were more media coverage of issues like these that really go to the heart of our economy and our democracy. -H
On expanding the Affordable Care Act:
The first thing we need to do is defend the Affordable Care Act. Republicans in Congress have tried to repeal it 54 times. 54 times! I am not going to let them kick 18 million people off their health coverage and force this country to start the health care debate all over again.
We should build on the progress we’ve made, do more to bring down costs for families, including runaway prescription drug prices and out of pocket costs. I agree with you that too many Americans - who had good health insurance before ACA and still have it - are now facing higher and higher out of pocket costs. My plan will cap out of pocket prescription drug costs at $250/month to help people with chronic diseases and serious illnesses.
I will also provide a tax credit of up to $5,000 for families with high out-of-pocket costs that aren’t covered by their insurance plans. Just last week, a study came out showing that Americans that the average deductible Americans with employer based coverage have to pay before their insurance kicks in has grown 7X faster than workers’ wages since 2010. That’s what I’ll do as President. -H
On drug research vs. price gouging:
My plan actually encourages more investment in innovation and research, not less. So that should be a win-win for businesses and consumers. Bio-tech companies working on life-saving breakthroughs won't have anything to fear from my plan.
But if you're price gouging American families and jacking up costs for no good reason, I'm going to hold you accountable. -H
Clinton continues to use Twitter to frame the stark choices voters will face in the general election:
The Washington Post reports on Clinton's refusal to go negative against Bernie Sanders:
“I am not going to start to take shots at Bernie Sanders,” Clinton said, according to a person familiar with the exchange. The hands-off strategy with Sanders is a bet that Clinton has the policy credentials and organizational muscle to withstand the senator’s challenge without angering his supporters overmuch.
Polling suggests that most current Sanders supporters would support Clinton in the general election if she is the nominee, although the potential entry of Vice President Biden into the race could skew that calculation.
Sanders’s positions may be to Clinton’s left in many cases, but none is as divisive or alienating as the far-right views of Donald Trump on the Republican side, Begala said.
“He’s raising issues we can sell in 2016,” Begala said of Sanders. “Donald Trump is running on a set of issues that make it next to impossible that Republicans can win in 2016. Anti-immigrant, anti-women. He’s driving them off the cliff.”
Clinton has not given a green light for supporters or surrogates to turn negative against Sanders, several people familiar with campaign outreach to backers said.
Speaking of Sanders, Melissa McEwan from Shakesville has deconstructed a recent meme that has circulated on social media:

In a series of tweets, McEwan addressed the white male privilege embedded in that meme.

Please note that these are not criticisms of Sanders or his campaign, but of the privilege being demonstrated by presumed supporters who share this meme.
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