Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hillary News & Views 9.17: Clinton's Got Issues, Media vs. Hillary, Hillary vs. GOP, Fallon as Trump

Today's edition of Hillary News & Views is kicking off with a Tweet that took even me by surprise, and I've been following the campaign from day one:
In one simple Tweet to one simple link, Clinton's campaign has provided a lengthy list of the numerous issues in which she's already proposed prioritization and policy changes in her potential presidential administration.

The list is being constantly updated, with the most recent addition being Campus Sexual Assault, which she addressed on the trail for the first time just two days ago.

Here's a complete list of links to her policy proposals so far:
1. Campaign finance reform
2. Campus sexual assault
3. Climate Change and Energy
4. College
5. Criminal Justice Reform
6. Disability Rights
7. Early Childhood Education
8. Economy
9. Gun Violence Prevention
10. Health Care
11. Immigration Reform
12. K-12 Education
13. Labor
14. LGBT Equality
15. National Security
16. Rural Communities
17. Small Business
18. Social Security and Medicare
19. Substance Use Disorder and Addiction
20. Voting Rights
21. Wall Street and Corporate America
22. Women's Rights and Opportunity
23. Workforce and Skills
FiveThirtyEight has a write-up on how voters have heard about everything but the issues when it comes to Clinton:
Since Friday, July 24 — I’ll talk about the significance of that date in a moment — there have been 13 mornings when Clinton’s email server was a major story, seven mornings when her bad polling numbers were a major story,3 and seven mornings when speculation about Biden running was a major story.
There have also been two other mornings when there were some miscellaneous negative headlines for Clinton, like this one about Bill Clinton’s paid speeches. That’s a total of 29 days of negative coverage in just over seven weeks.
Clinton’s campaign has had a lot of bad mornings.
By contrast, I identified just one morning since July 24 when a favorable headline for Clinton gained traction on Memeorandum (the endorsement of Clinton by former Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin), along with four other mornings when there was an ambiguous Clinton-related story making news, like this one about her comments on Jeb Bush.
They've included a handy graphic just to illustrate how relentlessly negative the media coverage has been:

Still, as the Washington Post reports and the links above illustrate, Clinton's campaign is sticking to their plan:
Clinton is doubling down on a strategy laid out months ago. As drawn up by campaign manager Robby Mook and others when Clinton was seemingly invincible, the prospectus is a detailed month-by-month, state-by-state strategy to roll out serious policy proposals, raise a prohibitive amount of money, lock up Democratic delegates and woo members of her party’s disaffected left. It was designed to win what had been presumed to be a somewhat dull primary without looking too presumptuous.
Now Clinton has a full-on fight on her hands against a surging Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and faces the possibility that Vice President Biden will make a late entrance. Biden sits at roughly 20 percent in recent polls, and most of that support appears to come from erstwhile Clinton voters.
“You are supposed to have an election. You are supposed to have a contest,” Clinton said here this week during a question-and-answer session with students and others at the University of Northern Iowa. “In the Democratic primaries and caucuses, you have to try to earn every single person’s support. That is what I intend to do.”
Part of that plan has been the aggressive use of social media, so it's no surprise that the last 24 hours have brought another round of Tweets that demonstrate Clinton's values and contrast them with those of the GOP. To recap: Ahmed is awesome...
...the Zadroga Act is essential...
...and the GOP primary is "Bad Reality Television. Even Worse Ideas."
Possibly the best GIF ever - Hillary's response to the GOP debate:
This one's cute:
Clinton vs. Walker on the Minimum Wage:
Thanks, Senator Graham:
Thanks, Governor Kasich:
Climate change burn:
They're all the same anyway:
And finishing up the #GOPABCs with N-Z:
And finally, Clinton is interviewed by "Donald Trump" on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show:

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  1. I found your blog a couple of weeks ago. Just wanted to say, thanks for doing this. Point well taken regarding all of the negative headlines, damn it's a bit discouraging to see. I do take heart that the campaign seems to have stuck to it's original plan and I think that's the right thing to do without any knee-jerk reacting.
    Keep up the good work!!

  2. Hillary is only behind Sanders in new Monmouth College Poll in NH by 4 points. Since this doesn't jibe the media's "Sander's surging" meme--this poll has been ignored by the press. Among registered Dems Hillary is actually ahead by 5 points. If Hillary wins NH, she's the nominee.