Friday, September 11, 2015

Hillary News & Views 9.11: Women's Rights, Unions, and Ellen

The week's final edition of Hillary News & Views begins with coverage of Clinton's speeches yesterday where she summarized her long history of fighting for equality for all women.  

CNN reports:
Hillary Clinton didn't even have to mention Donald Trump's name to slam the loquacious businessman as anti-women on Thursday. To big applause, Clinton hit Trump as someone who "just seems to delight in insulting women."
"We hear from candidates on the other side about turning back the clock on women's rights. And there is one particular candidate who just seems to delight in insulting women any chance he gets," Clinton said in Columbus, Ohio. "I have to say, if he emerges, I would love to debate him."
The former first lady peppered her remarks with issues her campaign hopes will invigorate women to support Clinton, including minimum wage, childcare and abortion.
"I will stand my ground. I will defend a woman's right to choose and I will defend Planned Parenthood," Clinton said to raucous applause.
The Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel reports on Clinton connecting women's rights to an overall fight for equality and justice:
The "Women for Hillary" event drew approximately 2,000 people, including 1,000 people inside the Wisconsin Room, an additional 300 watching in an adjourning theater and as many as 700 in a concourse of the union, said Tom Luljak, vice chancellor of university relations and communications for UW-Milwaukee.
Clinton noted the large number of students and young people in the crowd, saying she wanted to help the country recover from the devastation of the Great Recession.
"It was a terrible crisis. People were just knocked down, but they weren't knocked out," Clinton said. "And despite the loss of jobs, the loss of homes, the loss of dreams, people are coming back. America is coming back."
She added that people "are ready to roll up their sleeves again," and said moves like raising the minimum wage would help the economy get back on track.
She also cited subjects including climate change, the Islamic State and other terrorist groups, and the refugee crisis.
"Now, I want to be the president who takes on all the big problems you see on your screens," Clinton said.
But she added that she also wanted to work on domestic issues such as affordable child care, equal pay, student loan debt and workers' rights.
The New York Times reports on Clinton attacking Scott Walker on his home turf over unions:
At a rally in Milwaukee, Mrs. Clinton riled up the crowd, asking “What happens when you are a proud union member and you have a governor that wants to drive you out?”
Mr. Walker, a Republican presidential candidate, earned his party’s attention for taking on the labor unions in Wisconsin, a battle that catapulted him to the national spotlight. Mrs. Clinton said Mr. Walker “gets his marching orders from the Koch Brothers and just goes down the list.”
A large portion of Mrs. Clinton’s event, a grassroots organizing rally for women, was dedicated to criticizing Mr. Walker who, she said, “made it his personal mission to roll back women’s health and rights.”
ABC News has more:
“It seems to me, just observing him, that Governor Walker thinks because he busts unions, staves universities, guts public education, demeans women, scapegoats teachers, nurses and firefighters, he is some kind of tough guy on his motorcycle. A real leader,” Clinton said Thursday night at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee during her first visit to Walker's home-state as a presidential candidate.
"Well that is not leadership folks. Leadership means fighting for the people you represent.”
The attack lines against Walker didn't stop there. The democratic presidential candidate also called out the Wisconsin governor for his record on women's health and rights, and questioned what union workers are supposed to do when they have a Governor who "wants to drive you into the ground.”
“What happened?” Clinton asked, after saying she’s always admired Wisconsin for its “progressive spirit.”
In Wisconsin, Clinton called out the Republican candidates, in general, for not talking about the issues that she believes matter. She specifically mentioned “black lives matter."
“You will not hear the Republicans say anything about mass incarceration," Clinton said, "And you will not hear them say black lives matter."
On Twitter, Clinton released the latest entry in her #ThrowbackThursday series, focused on the retrograde GOP candidates "taking care of" women...
...and shared some highlights from her visit to Ellen earlier this week:
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  1. Another round of RIGGED polls from the media. CNN/ORC poll 9/10/15 had a sampling OF 55.5% (r) to 44.5% (D). The liars in the press do NOT stop, do they.