Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Full Interview With Chuck Todd (9/27/15)

Part 1: Emails, emails and emails

Part 2: ISIS, Syria and Libya

Part 3: Trade, Abortion and Obama


  1. The first part puts the LIE to the idea that Hillary was trying to "hide" something by going "out of her way" to establish a private server--BUT the server was already there in the first place. I have heard amongst the talking heads on MSNBC this false argument. Another topic--latest PPP poll has Hillary behind all Reps in NC--but still competitive.

  2. PS: In Morning Consult Poll released a day after NBC Poll--Hillary leads Sanders nationally by 21 points and Biden by 25. Of course, no one will mention this in the media.

    1. Posted it, thanks for the heads up. So many polls. SO MANY.