Thursday, September 24, 2015

Five Months From Super Tuesday, Clinton Leads Big in Texas

With all the stories about tight polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, it might be easy to forget that there are 48 other states out there that will also decide which candidate will reach the general election. Bottom line: It's all about the delegates...and it sure looks like the second most populous state in the country is going to give a ton of them to Hillary on March 1st.

In Texas, Clinton leads Sanders 53%-21%, with the still-undeclared Biden at 14%.
"Despite some challenges, the Clinton name is still gold among Texas Democrats," said Thomas Graham, Crosswind president and CEO. "Hillary's support remains solid, particularly among minorities and women. While Sanders fares well among white and younger voters relative to his overall numbers, Hillary Clinton still beats him 2-1 in even these categories."
Clinton even beats Sanders 52 percent to 31 percent among voters identifying themselves as liberal. The former secretary of state does best among African-Americans, with almost two thirds (65%) supporting her.
And if many other polls are any indication, Hillary will likely have an even greater advantage if Biden sits it out.

Texas, of course, is a key part of the Clinton campaign's Southern firewall to put the nomination away by March. If these numbers are anything close to the results we'll see on Super Tuesday...they just might get their wish.


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    1. Also, this is absolutely key: The Texas two-step is dead for 2016...and maybe forever. That's good, because it was a crazy situation in '08. I think at some point they just stopped trying to count the signatures...though of course Obama won the caucus delegates anyway. Just the primary this year.