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Top House Republican Finally Admits the Truth About the Benghazi Committee

Well folks, it looks like we've finally reached a turning point on the national disgrace known as the Select Committee on Benghazi. And all it took was a little bit of honesty from the man who might just be the next Speaker of the House:
Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton’s campaign is claiming vindication after Kevin McCarthy, a top Republican lawmaker on track to become the next speaker of the House, credited the Select Committee on Benghazi for damaging Clinton’s poll numbers  — a surprising admission from a party that has sought to portray the investigation as even-handed and non-partisan. 
“Let me give you one example,” McCarthy said, citing his conservative credentials during an appearance on Fox News with Sean Hannity Tuesday night. “Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right? But we put together a Benghazi special committee, a select committee. What are her numbers today? Her numbers are dropping. Why? Because she’s untrustable. But no one would’ve known any of that had happened had we not fought and made that happen.”

I never thought I'd say this, but...thank you Sean Hannity! Your questions prompted the quote that will reverberate until the day that Hillary is elected president.
Clinton campaign press secretary Brian Fallon told MSNBC that McCarthy’s comments were a “damning display of honesty by the possible next speaker of the House.” He added that “Kevin McCarthy just confessed that the committee set up to look into the deaths of four brave Americans at Benghazi is a taxpayer-funded sham. This confirms Americans’ worst suspicions about what goes on in Washington.”
With Clinton set to testify before the Benghazi committee on Oct. 22, the comments could be a political gift for Clinton, who has suffered under questions about her private email server. Her campaign has long identified the testimony as a possible turning point in the email controversy, and McCarthy’s comments could help their effort to portray the Republican-led investigation as politically driven.
Clinton allies and Democrats on the committee went into overdrive Wednesday morning to capitalize on the rare opening. After being on defense for years over the Benghazi attack and Clinton’s emails, they were thrilled by the possibly that McCarthy might finally convince the press and Americans what they could not in years of political hand-to-hand combat. ... 
Rep. Elijah Cummings, the top Democrat on the committee, said McCarthy’s comments finally confirm what he has long claimed. “This stunning concession from Rep. McCarthy reveals the truth that Republicans never dared admit in public: The core Republican goal in establishing the Benghazi Committee was always to damage Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and never to conduct an even-handed search for the facts,” Cummings said.
Hillary, her campaign team, and all of her supporters should keep on echoing Rep. Cummings' words loudly on the rooftops until everyone knows the very ugly truth about the GOP.

It's time to fight back.

UPDATE: Hillary Fires Back at McCarthy’s ‘Deeply Distressing’ Benghazi Comments (VIDEO)

Hillary News & Views 9.30: Alabama Party Building, Cadillac Tax, Praise for Obama, and a TPP Update

Today's edition of Hillary News & Views begins with Clinton once again using her star power to rebuild the Democratic Party in a very red state. The Hoover Sun reports:
Hillary Clinton is scheduled to visit Hoover in October to speak at the Alabama Democratic Conference convention, conference chairman Joe Reed said tonight.
The Democratic front-runner for president is set to speak at a luncheon on Oct. 17 at the Hyatt Regency Birmingham – The Wynfrey Hotel.
She will be the only presidential candidate speaking at the convention and likely will be endorsed by the predominantly black political group when it votes that Saturday afternoon, Reed said. The group expects to hear her speak on issues such as immigration, voting rights, education and the minimum wage, Reed said.
“She’s a good candidate. I feel certain she’ll be the next president,” he said. “Secretary Clinton is very popular with the ladies and very popular with a lot of other segments of the population. We’re just looking forward to her coming.”
Alabama Democratic Conference members can buy tickets for the luncheon for $50 through their county chapters, Reed said.
The general public can get tickets by calling the ADC state office at 334-263-4040. Ticket prices for the general public begin at $150 and go higher for seats closer to the speaker, Reed said. Platinum sponsorships with tickets for three tables (30 people) will cost $5,000, he said.
Clinton has already done similar events in Arkansas, Idaho, Utah, and other solidly red states.

Clinton has also been talking on the campaign trail about her plans to strengthen the Affordable Care Act. That will include getting rid of the "Cadillac tax."

CNN reports:
Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that Congress should repeal the unpopular "Cadillac tax," an Obamacare tariff on premium health care plans.
Her position is a win for unions, who vehemently opposed the tax, set to go into effect in 2018. Clinton said that while the Affordable Care Act -- one of President Barack Obama's top legislative achievements -- was "working, plain and simple," there were some changes that needed to be made.
"I have proposed new reforms to build on the progress we've made and lower out-of-pocket costs for families," said Clinton in a statement.
"That's why, among other steps, I encourage Congress to repeal the so-called Cadillac tax, which applies to some employer-based health plans, and to fully pay for the cost of repeal." Clinton said some of her proposed reforms to Obamacare, which she has rolled out in the past month, would more than cover the cost of repealing the Cadillac tax, a measure that helped to pay for the health care reform law.
The media continues to goad Clinton into criticizing President Obama, and they continue to fail miserably.

From her interview on Meet the Press:
Chuck Todd: You have said you're not running for Barack Obama's third term. What are a couple of places you differ?
HRC: I think I would have a different job. I have said I'm not my husband's third term, either. Both of them faced economic challenges inherited from their Republican predecessor, and President Obama inherited the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.
It was his job to stop the bleeding, begin to repair the economy, dig us out of the ditch we were in - which he has done - and begin to see the recovery of jobs.
But what we haven't seen is the recovery of income. We haven't seen paychecks rising yet. People have not recovered either their paycheck or their wealth that was so devastated by the crisis of '07, '08, '09.
CT: But where do you differ from the president:
HRC: Well, I have a different set of specific priorities because I will face a different set of issues.
I also will defend the Affordable Care Act, but I want to take it further. I want to make improvements in it. I will defend Dodd-Frank, but I want to impose a much harsher set of restrictions based on risk on the financial markets.
So I think that it won't surprise you to hear that I believe the economy and the country does better under a Democratic president. So I want to build on what works from both my husband's term and President Obama's, but I want to go further, and I will face different challenges.
She also commented on TPP:
Chuck Todd: Are you willing to say where you are on TPP?
Clinton: I have to see what's in TPP. From what I hear, it's kind of a moving target. They haven't finished the negotiations. I've been very clear. If it does not support American jobs, if it does not give us the kind of advantages we need to keep the economy going - we had 3.9% growth last quarter, we need to keep moving in that direction - and if it's not in our security interests, I'm not going to support it. So once I have a chance to review it, I will state where I stand on it.
CT: In 2007 in a debate, you said that NAFTA was a mistake in hindsight. Do you still sort of believe that?
HRC: You know at the time, I thought that NAFTA held out a lot of promise, but the fact that a lot of the so-called side agreements were not actually in the treaty, I thought was a problem.
And it has turned out that I don't think we had enough of an enforcement mechanism when dealing with NAFTA. Now, I don't think it's as bad or as good as either its detractors or its supporters say, but I think we've learned - or, I hope we've learned - how better to do trade agreements. I voted against CAFTA when I was in the Senate because I didn't think the lessons had been learned. I'm waiting to see what's in TPP.
Clinton's interview with Lena Dunham continues to get press, with many outlets reporting highlights from the conversation. The Washington Post reports on Clinton's approach to Wall Street:
"When it comes to Wall Street abuses, I spoke out about those even when I was a senator from New York, and obviously Wall Street is in New York," Clinton tells Dunham in a clip for Dunham's new site,, echoing her trail pitch.
"I really tried to sound the alarm when I was in the Senate. And when I was in the campaign in 2008 I was also really in the forefront of saying, `We've got big problems here.'"
Clinton again adds that Dodd-Frank legislation is "a good down payment" on broad financial services reform but said that it must go further. "It's not enough. ... As president, what has not been implemented I will absolutely implement. And then I will look for any other abuses that need to be stopped and curbed."
"I like to have plans for what I do. I may not always be the stem-winder about these things because I think it's important -- and I’ve been around Washington long enough to know -- you've got to get people to agree if you're going to get something done," said Clinton. "Trying to get bipartisan agreement is difficult but often it's essential."
"I've been progressive my entire life, and I would put my record up against anybody running for president or thinking about doing that,” Clinton said.
Time reports:
Clinton on her time at Wellesley
“We had lots and lots of vigorous debates back in those days. Civil rights, women’s rights, the Vietnam War, the assassinations of Dr. King and Bobby Kennedy — the campus was often in turmoil because of things that were happening in the larger world.”
[Clinton looking at a picture of herself leading a protest] “Curfews and visiting hours by men. That was what this was about. And you can see the crowd that it drew! These were people who really knew what they wanted….Turning the personal into the political is sometimes the only way to stay true to the personal.”
On her marriage to Bill Clinton
“I was terrified about losing my identity and getting lost in the wake of Bill’s force-of-nature personality. I actually turned him down twice when he asked me to marry him.”
On debt held by America’s students
“We have $1.2 trillion in student debt, and this is an enormous problem. I want to give everybody a chance to refinance their debt. Bring the interest rates down, because oftentimes in crowds, I will say, “Who has student debt?” And so many hands go up.”
On race and law enforcement
“One of the areas where we have problems is the relationship between communities of color and the police forces who are to protect them. In those police forces now, we have many more police officers who are from different races, different backgrounds, so it’s not only a question of white versus black. It is a question of how force is used, how our law enforcement are trained, what kind of mind-set they have as they go about their daily jobs.”
MSNBC reports:
“Whenever I’m talking to young women about politics, I always say, look, you don’t have to run for office, you don’t have to be actively involved, but you do have to exercise your brain in deciding what you believe and who you will support,” Clinton said.
“And sometimes, it is choices between people that none of whom excite you, but study it enough to figure out, OK, if I vote for this person over that person, I’m more likely to see progress on something I care about.”
Clinton went on to urge young women to not “get turned off by the negativity and nastiness that is unfortunately too much in our politics today.”
“You kind of can cut through that and say, look, I not only have a right, I have an obligation to make a choice. That’s part of the service I pay for living in our country. So I’m going to vote for X or Y. Not because I think that person is perfect, but it’s going to be better than the alternative. If you can’t get excited, be pragmatic and do it anyway,” Clinton said.
The former secretary of state, who has praised the often-maligned millennial generation in the past, also told Dunham she believes “the millennial generation is so public service oriented.” And the former secretary of state said she hoped that public service would translate to political involvement.
“I meet young people who are doing incredible non-profit projects, charitable, faith-based, all kind of great work. But I always ask them, are you going to do that work for the rest of your life?” Clinton said.
“Because you’re helping one person, but there are many more people like that person who need help. That’s why we need political leadership and decisions that actually lift everybody up.”
Politics, Clinton added, “can seem cold, it can seem hostile, it can seem mean, all of that. I’m not sure it’s ever been any different, but now it plays out on the global stage and literally second by second we can follow what is or isn’t happening.”
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Full Interview With Chuck Todd (9/27/15)

Part 1: Emails, emails and emails

Part 2: ISIS, Syria and Libya

Part 3: Trade, Abortion and Obama

Hillary News & Views 9.29: Confronting China, Chatting on Facebook, and a Woman's Work

Today's edition of Hillary News & Views begins with the controversy surrounding Clinton challenging China on its abysmal human rights record.

 CNN reports:
China has lashed out at Hillary Clinton for her tweet criticizing Chinese President Xi Jinping's record on gender equality, accusing her of being a "rabble-rouser" intent on China-bashing to win election points.
The English edition of Global Times, a state-run media outlet, ran the editorial on Monday saying she had "resorted to these ignominious shenanigans" and likened her to another 2016 candidate, Donald Trump.
It added: "Hillary was a lawyer, the former hostess of the White House, and also a senior leader in the government. It is a pity that even the former first lady has also thrown away her decency and reputation only to gain a leg up in the election."
U.S. presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton criticized Chinese President Xi Jinping for co-hosting a summit on women's rights with the United Nations whilst punishing several prominent women's rights activists in his own country.
Here's the tweet in question:
And a bit more from CNN:
Clinton was referring to the cases of five Chinese women activists -- Wei Tingting, Wu Rongrong, Li Tingting, Wang Man and Zheng Churan -- who were detained in March for campaigning against sexual harassment.
Although China released them on bail 37 days later, their ordeal continues. The five women are subject to surveillance for a year, their activities restricted, and police can call them in for questioning at any time.
"This shouldn't be a moment of celebration," Wu's lawyer Liang Xiaojun told CNN at the time. "The arbitrary detention and release of these women really shows the backwardness of China's legal system."

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Hillary Did Another Facebook Q&A and Here Are All Her Answers

Just a couple of months after her first one, Hillary has once again participated in another Q&A on Facebook...and here are all 16 of her answers as well as each proceeding question. This time, she touches on everything from Jeb Bush's latest idiotic remark to pumpkin spice lattes.

NYT Blows It Yet Again on an Even Lamer Clinton "Scandal"

Here we go yet again, folks.

Last Thursday, the formerly reputable New York Times was once again fed a faulty story by Hillary-fearing right wingers (this time Judicial Watch) about some sort of scandal-ish type thing that kinda sounds bad. The headline:

Hillary Clinton Personally Signed Off on Job Change for Huma Abedin

I know what you're thinking: "So what?" Good job...this is the logical response. But what they were actually trying for here was a nice little gotcha:
Hillary Rodham Clinton was directly involved in arranging a new government position for a top aide that allowed the aide to begin working for a private consulting firm while remaining at the State Department, according to documents released on Thursday.
The documents, released by Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group, show that Mrs. Clinton personally signed forms establishing a new title and position for the aide, Huma Abedin, in March 2012. ...
NBC’s Andrea Mitchell asked Mrs. Clinton whether it was fair to question Mrs. Abedin’s taking a salary from both the State Department and Teneo. ...
“Well, you know, I was not directly involved in that,” Mrs. Clinton replied. “But everything that she did was approved, under the rules, as they existed, by the State Department.”
Uh oh. Hillary forgot that she signed a form once. In a crazy alternate universe where legal email usage results in a 7+ months-long "scandal", this can't be good.


On Sunday afternoon came the correction that once again negated the entirety of their wannabe scoop. You know, something that the New York Times should be used to by now with their often disastrous run of Hillary scandalmongering.
Update: According to a document obtained by The New York Times, the certification of a new employment position for one of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s senior aides at the State Department was signed by Mrs. Clinton’s then chief of staff, Cheryl D. Mills, who was authorized to sign such documents for Mrs. Clinton.
In short, this was legal and Clinton wasn't directly involved in it anyway. And so another meaningless Republican-fueled and bored press-enabled "scandal" takes up space where informative pieces about environmental or prescription drug policy should have been.

If the New York Times didn't officially apologize to Hillary Clinton over their "criminal inquiry" fiasco from two months ago, I sincerely doubt that this latest embarrassment will finally make them change their ways.

But for their own should.

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Hillary TV: Volume 3

Playing a bit of catch-up. We'll have more recent campaign events as well as the full Meet the Press and Lena Dunham interviews later this week!

Full interview on CBS's Face the Nation (9/20/15):

Full Refinery29 interview:

Full interview with Andrea Mitchell (9/4/15):

Hillary chats with Ellen:

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Nailed It!

A photo posted by Hillary Clinton (@hillaryclinton) on

Get Ahead

A new TV ad from Hillary for America.

Hillary News & Views 9.25: Absolutely a Feminist, HBCUs, #BLM, and Minority-Owned Small Businesses

Today's Hillary News & Views kicks off with a wonderful quote from Clinton's interview with Lena Dunham.  

Time reports:
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told Girls creator Lena Dunham that she is “absolutely” a feminist in a new interview.
The conversation between Clinton and Dunham will be featured on Dunham’s newsletter and site, which is launching Sept. 29. Dunham’s interview of Clinton will discuss the future First Lady’s life in college, “and the ambivalence she felt in her early 20s about her own life and career path,” a Lenny Letter spokesperson told Politico.
The interview will also reportedly include comedy sketches, plus a cameo from Amy Schumer.
I transcribe:
LD: Do you consider yourself a feminist?
HRC: Yes. Absolutely!
You know, I'm always a little bit puzzled when any woman of any age, but particularly a young woman, says something like - you've heard it - something like, "Well, I believe in equal rights but I'm not a feminist."
Well, a feminist is, by definition, someone who believes in equal rights. I'm hoping that people will not be afraid to say. That doesn't mean you hate men. That doesn't mean that you want to separate out the world so that you're not part of ordinary life. That's not what it means at all.
It just means that we believe that women have the same rights as men. Politically, socially, culturally, economically. That's what it means.

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Wow, Quinnipiac Really Does Suck at Polling

Ugh. This is getting tiresome.

After a string of good polling days, today we have another Quinnipiac poll with horrible news for Hillary Clinton. This time, it's general election numbers where she's losing to everyone except Trump, and even then it's a bare 2-point lead.

The reason for this result is obvious, however: their sample is 31% Republican, 30% Democrat and 29% Independent. Who the other 10% are is anyone's guess. So this sample is +1% R whereas the last two presidential elections had electorates of +7% and +6%. Are they really expecting a sudden 8% shift or so to the Republicans in 2016? Is anyone in their right mind expecting that?

If we look at the Clinton vs Fiorina crosstabs as an example, the problem becomes even more obvious.
Clinton is losing even though her party support is stronger and they are tied among indies. As a reminder, Obama lost indies in 2012 but still won an electoral landslide over Romney. There are simply a lot more more Democrats than Republicans in the modern American electorate...and if the party faithful turn out, it would take a dramatic shift among indies for the Republican to win.

With their continuing string of outlier polls and opinion-stuffed press releases continuing unabated, the news media should really consider whether it's a good idea to take Quinnipiac seriously anymore. They are really good at producing clickbait numbers that feed anti-Hillary narratives, but their actual polling sucks.

Five Months From Super Tuesday, Clinton Leads Big in Texas

With all the stories about tight polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, it might be easy to forget that there are 48 other states out there that will also decide which candidate will reach the general election. Bottom line: It's all about the delegates...and it sure looks like the second most populous state in the country is going to give a ton of them to Hillary on March 1st.

In Texas, Clinton leads Sanders 53%-21%, with the still-undeclared Biden at 14%.
"Despite some challenges, the Clinton name is still gold among Texas Democrats," said Thomas Graham, Crosswind president and CEO. "Hillary's support remains solid, particularly among minorities and women. While Sanders fares well among white and younger voters relative to his overall numbers, Hillary Clinton still beats him 2-1 in even these categories."
Clinton even beats Sanders 52 percent to 31 percent among voters identifying themselves as liberal. The former secretary of state does best among African-Americans, with almost two thirds (65%) supporting her.
And if many other polls are any indication, Hillary will likely have an even greater advantage if Biden sits it out.

Texas, of course, is a key part of the Clinton campaign's Southern firewall to put the nomination away by March. If these numbers are anything close to the results we'll see on Super Tuesday...they just might get their wish.

Hillary News & Views 9.24: Health Care, Birther Nonsense, and Contrasting the Parties

Today's Hillary News & Views begins with more details on how Clinton will strengthen and expand the Affordable Care Act as president.

Here are her newest proposals, revealed yesterday:
Hillary Clinton's Plan for Lowering Out-of-Pocket Health Care Costs Hillary Clinton has defined the central economic challenge of our time as getting incomes rising for hard-working Americans. But for too many, their out-of-pocket medical costs are growing much faster than their wages, meaning too much of their hard-earned take-home pay goes to paying deductibles, copays and coinsurance for medical expenses. New results from a Kaiser Family Foundation survey released just yesterday found that the average deductible this year is $1,318 for single coverage – and has grown seven times faster than workers’ wages since 2010. The Commonwealth Fund reported that 31 million people face excessive out-of-pocket costs compared to their income, with half of them reporting problems with medical bills or debt, and more than 40 percent reporting not getting needed care because of cost. While it is true that national health expenditures have grown more modestly in the past few years, and many employers have experienced comparative savings, working Americans have not seen similar savings in their own pockets. Hillary Clinton has a plan to change that. Her plan will build on the Affordable Care Act to reduce cost-sharing for ordinary doctor visits, and create a new tax credit for Americans facing excessive out-of-pocket costs. In combination with new limits on out-of-pocket and drug costs for American families, her plan will make sure that Americans see the out-of-pocket savings they deserve.
Lower Out-of-Pocket Costs for Hard-Working Americans Build on the Affordable Care Act and require plans to provide three sick visits without counting toward deductibles every year. The Affordable Care Act required nearly all plans to offer many preventive services, such as blood pressure screening and vaccines, with no cost-sharing at all. But because average deductibles have more than doubled over the past decade, many Americans would have to pay a significant cost out-of-pocket toward their deductible if they get sick and need to see a doctor. Hillary Clinton’s plan will build on the Affordable Care Act by requiring insurers and employers to provide up to three sick visits to a doctor per year without needing to meet the plan’s deductible first. No one should have to worry about paying large out-of-pocket costs when they get sick and need a checkup during the year, whether it’s a common cold or a more harmful illness. A person with private coverage could save over $100 per year.
Provide a new, progressive refundable tax credit of up to $5,000 per family for excessive out-of-pocket costs. For families that still struggle with prescription drug costs even after out-of-pocket limits on drug spending and free primary care visits, Clinton’s plan will provide progressive, targeted new relief. Americans with health coverage will be eligible for a new refundable tax credit of up to $2,500 for an individual, or $5,000 for a family, available to those with substantial out-of-pocket health care costs. The credit will be available to insured Americans with qualifying out-of-pocket health expenses in excess of five percent of their income, and who are not eligible for Medicare or claiming existing deductions for medical costs. This refundable, progressive credit will help middle-class Americans who may not benefit as much from currently-available deductions for medical expenses. This tax cut will be fully paid for by demanding rebates from drug manufacturers and asking the most fortunate to pay their fair share.
Guarantee Transparency and Enforce New Consumer Protections to Help Americans Save Money and Avoid Surprise Health Bills
Americans Want Greater Health Care Price Transparency: According to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation survey, more than half of Americans say that making information about the prices of doctor’s visits and procedures is a top priority. Every American should have the right to timely, affordable care from their health plan – and should never be surprised by an out-of-network bill for hundreds or thousands of dollars at their hospital, especially as emergencies can happen anywhere and at any time. The Affordable Care Act established promising advances in transparency, but we must do more to shine a light on health care prices and allow for a more consumer-friendly way to understand the costs of health insurance – so that middle class families can get the best possible value for their money.
Protect Americans from surprise medical bills. Under Hillary Clinton’s plan, Americans will benefit from expanded disclosure requirements and new cost-sharing protections that will ensure they will be required to pay no more than in-network cost-sharing for any care received in a hospital in their plan’s networks and for any emergency services in a true emergency. Americans should never be surprised by an unexpected medical bill, especially in moments when health is their greatest concern.
Enforce and Broaden the ACA’s Transparency Provisions. Americans deserve real-time, updated, and reliable information to guide them in selecting a health plan, navigating changes to their out-of-pocket costs in their existing plan, choosing a doctor, and determining how much they will need to pay for a prescription drug. Hillary Clinton’s plan will vigorously enforce existing law under the Affordable Care Act and adopt further steps to make sure that employers, providers, and insurers provide this information through clear and accessible forms of communication so that Americans can make informed choices about their coverage and realize meaningful savings.
Fight Back Against Excessive Premium Hikes by Insurance Companies
Elevated concentration and market power in the health industry threatens consumers with higher costs. As a result of insurance company and health care provider consolidation in recent years, market concentration is rising on both sides of the health care system. According to the Government Accountability Office, across the individual, small employer, and large employer markets, “the three largest insurers had at least 80 percent of the total enrollment in at least 37 states. In more than half of these states, a single insurer had more than half of the total enrollees.” And careful studies have shown that mergers leading to higher market concentration can raise premiums for consumers. Hillary Clinton believes that we should be vigilant to prevent consolidation that harms consumers through higher prices or lower-quality care. While doctors, hospitals, and other segments of the health care industry coming together to coordinate care can improve value for patients in many cases, we need to be careful to prevent market concentration from holding consumers back.
Strengthen authority to block or modify unreasonable health insurance rate increases. Hillary Clinton’s plan would create a fallback process for states that do not have the authority to modify or block health insurance premium rate increases. This would help prevent insurance companies from imposing excessive, double-digit rate increases without a clear justification – helping keep premiums lower for Americans.
Vigorously enforce antitrust laws to scrutinize mergers and ensure they do not harm consumers. For several years, consolidation and mergers have risen in the health industry – both on the provider side and on the insurer side. Mergers should be beneficial for consumers. Hillary Clinton will appoint regulators and ensure full funding so that America’s antitrust authorities have the resources and vigor to monitor the changing industry landscape and to move quickly to investigate mergers or business practices that could harm consumers.
Continue Progress of the ACA in Lowering Overall Health Care Spending and Costs
Reduce health care costs by building on delivery system reforms that reward value and quality. In order to keep costs down and improve quality, Hillary Clinton will demand that our health care system provide value to every American, whether they’re enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid, in employer-sponsored coverage, or on the Marketplaces. That means we need to continue to shift away from the “fee for service” payment system that rewards providers who prescribe excessive tests and unnecessary procedures, driving up costs without quality. And it means we need to aggressively root out fraud and abuse that hurts Americans, and adds to taxpayer costs. The health care system needs to reward value-driven care. We need to implement new and expand existing systems that pay for an entire episode of care or “bundle,” or those that incentivize doctors and hospitals to coordinate care in an Accountable Care Organization, so that providers are responsible for offering the best possible care at the highest value to patients – rather than letting costs rise higher and higher without more effective care. Clinton is committed to building on the Affordable Care Act and the Obama Administration’s reforms that expand value-based delivery system reform in Medicare and Medicaid. She will propose public-private efforts that incentivize employers and insurers to work to expand these proven payment models to other sources of coverage so every American can benefit. In the coming months, she will provide full detail on her plans for delivery system reforms that drive down costs.
Encourage the next generation of health innovation and entrepreneurship. Hillary Clinton is committed to expanding access to high-quality data on cost, care quality, and health delivery system performance to help patients and doctors make informed choices and entrepreneurs build new products and services, making our health care markets more price and quality transparent as well as efficient – with careful protections for privacy and security. Innovative entrepreneurs are at the cutting edge of our health system, letting Americans monitor their heart rhythms and count their calories, matching patients with doctors, making prices more transparent and easier to understand for consumers, and even offering new ways of providing health insurance coverage that are accessible and affordable. Clinton understands that improving our health system takes innovation far beyond the federal government – and wants to leverage public and private resources when possible to encourage entrepreneurship that improves the healthiness and security of every American.

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Hillary's Opposition to Keystone XL...In Her Own Words

As you have no doubt heard by now, at a town hall in Des Moines yesterday Hillary Clinton finally stated that she was opposed to the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. Video of the full exchange is above, and today Clinton has reiterated and expanded on her answer in a post at Medium entitled "Why I oppose Keystone XL":
When I was secretary of state, the department began reviewing an application to build a pipeline that would bring Canadian oil sands crude across the border, run more than a thousand miles through the American heartland, and terminate in Nebraska — Keystone XL.
As the secretary who initiated the review, I refrained from commenting on the pipeline after I left the federal government. I didn’t want to get ahead of President Obama while the process was still underway — because the decision was and is his to make.
Since the application was filed, the effects of climate change have grown more acute. More than 8 million acres have burned in the United States so far this wildfire season. California is in the fourth year of a historic drought scientists say has been made worse by climate change. More severe storms and extreme heat waves have wreaked havoc around the world.
I have come to feel I can’t stay silent on an issue that matters so much to so many. Though I wanted to give the president space to make a decision, the process has taken far longer than I expected. I want the American people to know where I stand. That’s why I am making it clear:
I am opposed to the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.
Surprised? You shouldn't be. This stance was hinted at last month when she openly disagreed with the White House on Arctic drilling. Also, Clinton's delay in stating her position on this - even after repeated pressure and criticism - was explained a couple of months ago at Hillary HQ. Considering her previously stated rationale, I think the main surprise here is that she went ahead and spoke up now instead of waiting any longer. Good move.

But that's not all:
Building a clean, secure, and affordable North American energy future is bigger than Keystone XL or any other single project. That’s what I will focus on as president.
That’s why today I am announcing a comprehensive strategy to modernize American energy infrastructure and forge a new partnership with Canada and Mexico to combat climate change across the continent, unleashing billions in investment, delivering reliable and affordable energy, protecting the health of our families and communities, and creating good-paying jobs and careers.
The United States trades as much energy with Canada and Mexico each year as with all other countries combined, through a deeply integrated pipeline network, rail system, and electrical grid. As President, I will immediately launch negotiations with Canada and Mexico to forge a North American Climate Compact that sets strong national targets to cut carbon pollution, so all three countries demonstrate a commitment to climate action; provides accountability measures, so each country has confidence that the others are living up to their end of the bargain; and creates certainty for investors and confidence in the future of our climate, so we can all marshal resources equal to the challenges we face.
Check out Clinton's entire post, which fits in perfectly with her ambitious and acclaimed climate change agenda.

If she's elected, I think we just might just get the best environmental president of our lifetimes.

Hillary News & Views 9.23: Union Nod, Keystone, Campaign Zero, HRC, Free College, and More

A very busy day yesterday, as the internet lit up with much of the news that will be recapped today in Hillary News & Views.

For starters, Clinton picked up yet another big union endorsement, this time from the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America.

 Huffington Post reports:
In a statement to The Huffington Post, union president Doug McCarron called Clinton "a fighter" who has "consistently fought for our issues on many levels of government."
"We encourage her to continue her efforts regarding long-term and strategic budgeting for our country's infrastructure, implementing secure measures for pension reform, and eradicating the payroll fraud epidemic in our nation's construction industry," McCarron said.
The union cited Clinton's support for collective bargaining rights and Davis-Bacon laws -- which set minimum pay and standards for workers on federal projects -- as well as her opposition to so-called right-to-work laws. Flynn said the union examined the "positions and electability of the various candidates" in making its decision. In the 2008 Democratic primary, UBC did not make an endorsement.
"On the very first day in office, I'm going to get to work to reverse the incredible pressures on the working people of America," Clinton said in a statement Tuesday. "We're going to go back to enforcing labor laws. I'm going to make sure that employers are held accountable for wage theft and all the other abuses that they engage in."

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Clinton Leads Sanders by 21 Points in New Iowa Poll

Hey everybody...Scan here. I'm back from my three-week road trip vacation and it looks like nothing has changed!

According to a brand new poll out of Iowa from PPP:
On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton is in pretty good shape. She leads with 43% to 22% for Bernie Sanders, 17% for Joe Biden, 3% for Martin O'Malley and Jim Webb, and 2% for Lincoln Chafee. Among Biden's voters 43% say Clinton would be their second choice to only 15% for Sanders. Reallocate them to their second choice and Clinton would lead Sanders 50/25, almost identical to the 52/25 lead we found for her last month when we didn't include Biden.
While I was gone, I still checked Twitter occasionally...and I noticed that the media very quickly decided to run with the idea that Hillary was suddenly losing in Iowa based on yet another crazy Quinnipiac result and an online poll. Frankly, I was pretty glad to be hanging out on the beaches and mountains of the western United States instead of worrying about that stuff too much.

When we consider this new poll result along with the very strong national numbers from CNN yesterday, it sure looks like Democrats still love Hillary and a stupid zombie scandal about email didn't come close to changing that.

PS: Look out for my vacation photos next weekend!

Hillary News & Views 9.22: A Prescription Plan, a Millennial Pitch, and Fiona's Challenge

Today's edition of Hillary News & Views begins with the rollout of her new health care policy initiatives.

USA Today reports:
Clinton's plan, according to the campaign, will propose to:
- Deny tax breaks for consumer advertising and demand that drug companies instead invest U.S. taxpayer dollars in research and development. Many companies benefit from corporate write-offs for advertising aimed specifically at consumers. Companies that receive federal funds would be required to reinvest a certain amount in research.
- Encourage the production of generic drugs including lowering the amount of time companies can exclusively produce new treatments.
- Cap what insurers can charge consumers with chronic or serious health conditions in out-of-pocket costs. Health insurance plans would place a monthly limit of $250 on out-of-pocket costs for such patients.
- Allow Americans to import drugs from abroad. Countries in Europe with similar safety standards often pay half of what American pay for the same drugs, according to the campaign.
- Allow Medicare to negotiate drug and biologic prices, especially for high-cost drugs with limited competition.
The plan is intended to both protect and expand Obamacare, strengthening it for greater long-term success.  

CNN Politics reports:
Attaching herself to one of President Barack Obama's signature legislative achievements, Clinton used an organizing event in Baton Rouge -- her first in the state as a candidate -- to slam Republican attempts to repeal the law.
"All of the Republicans candidates for president are determined to get rid of the Affordable Care," she said. "I will tell you, I am not going to let them rip away the progress we made, I am not going to let them tear up that law, kick 16 million people off health coverage and force this country to start the health care debate all over again. Not on my watch."
On Monday, Clinton said she would "build on the progress" made by Obamacare, singling out bringing down health care costs, easing burdens on small businesses and increasing choice.
Clinton highlighted "skyrocketing out of pocket health care costs and particularly run away prescription drug prices." She said she would announce this week a plan to cap "how much you have to pay out of pocket for prescription drugs each month" and promised to "hold drug companies accountable as we work to drive down prices."
Clinton's speech offered a stark contrast to Republican members of Congress and presidential hopefuls who oppose the plan and pledge to take it apart as president.
Because she was standing in his home state, Clinton singled out Louisiana's Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal for rejecting "federal dollars that would have paid to expand Medicaid." "He put ideology ahead of the well being of the people of this state," she said.
The largely African-American audience, which included a 170-person marching band that played Clinton in and out of the event, booed Jindal at every mention of his name.
The Advocate has more:
Hillary Clinton defended President Barack Obama’s signature legislation, the Affordable Care Act, during a campaign stop in Baton Rouge on Monday and took aim at her Republican rivals who say they want to repeal “Obamacare.”
"It’s not just a political issue, it’s a moral issue,” the Democratic presidential front-runner told a crowd of 1,200 cheering supporters and schoolchildren at the Louisiana Leadership Institute.
Attendees circulated volunteer sign-up sheets and texted their information to the campaign during the rally, which was the first of several stops on Clinton’s latest effort to campaign on the importance of the federal health care law and her plans to protect and build on it.
“I’m not going to let them tear up that law, kick 16 million people off their coverage and force the country to start the health care debate all over again,” she said as supporters waved bright blue “Hillary” signs.

Monday, September 21, 2015

CNN/ORC Poll: Clinton's Primary Lead Widens, with Biden Emerging as Her Primary Competitor

The new CNN/ORC national poll finds Hillary Clinton bouncing back, with a wider lead over Sanders since the previous poll taken earlier this month:
Hillary Clinton's lead in the Democratic presidential primary race has grown -- and if Vice President Joe Biden decides to stay out of the race, her numbers would rise even higher, a new CNN/ORC poll shows.
Clinton is backed by 42% of Democratic primary voters nationally, compared to 24% for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, 22% for Biden and 1% for former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley.
That's a marked improvement over an early September CNN/ORC poll that found Clinton leading Sanders, 37% to 27%, with Biden at 20%.
And Biden's support comes almost entirely from Clinton's camp. Without the vice president in the race, Clinton's numbers climb by 15 percentage points, while Sanders' increase by only 4 points -- giving Clinton a nearly 2-to-1 lead at 57% to 28%, with O'Malley moving up to 2%.
The poll results indicate that Clinton's primary competitor right now is Joe Biden, who siphons off a disproportionate amount of her vote, as indicated by how her numbers jump when he is included in the race.

Why does Biden take so much more from Clinton than he does from Sanders?


Biden cuts into Clinton's support with non-white voters in a way that Sanders does not.

Here are the numbers among Non-White voters with Biden in the race:
Clinton     55%
Biden       24%
Sanders    17% 

And with Biden excluded:
Clinton 72%   (+17)
Sanders 22%  (+5)

A similar result can be found among women voters:

With Biden:
Clinton      50%
Biden         21%
Sanders     20%
Without Biden:
Clinton    64%  (+14)
Sanders    21%  (+1)
And among 65+ voters:

With Biden:
Clinton   47%
Biden      27%
Sanders   17%
Without Biden:
Clinton   63%   (+16)
Sanders  19%   (+2)
Further evidence that Clinton and Biden appeal to the same elements of the base can be found in the "Second Choice" numbers.

When asked who voters name as their second choice, Clinton and Biden dominate:
Biden        36%
Clinton     28%
Sanders    13%
 When Biden is excluded, Clinton inherits the majority of Second Choice slots:
Clinton 57%    (+29)
Sanders 28%   (+13)
Unlike the GOP primary, it seems clear that the Democratic party is looking for a continuation of the Obama administration policies, and not a major shift. According to the poll, President Obama's popularity with Democrats remains strong:
Approve        77%
Disapprove   19%
Sanders is polling slightly above Obama's disapproval numbers, while Clinton and Biden combine for 64% of the vote when both are included; with Biden excluded, Clinton is at 58%.

This poll doesn't break down by race beyond "white" and "non-white," but the demographic challenges in the primary race haven't changed. Sanders must appeal more to non-white voters to have a shot at the nomination; Biden's presence compromises Clinton's strength with those same voters more than any of the candidates currently running.

As the race stands right now, Biden has emerged as Clinton's true competitor, the only one who can challenge her on her own demographic turf within the party.

Hillary News & Views 9.21: Facing the Nation, Embracing the Party, plus Refugee & Health Care Policy

Hillary Clinton has been very busy, as today's edition of Hillary News & Views will attest.

As she makes the case for her candidacy, she is wholeheartedly embracing the legacies of both the Clinton and Obama administrations, and making the case for the Democratic party as a whole.

CBS News reports:
I obviously am running because I think it's better for the country if a Democrat who has the kind of approaches and values that my husband had and Barack Obama has follows this presidency...
And that's why I have an economic policy that is centered on raising incomes, because I think what we inherited from the Bush administration, what President Obama had to deal with had the potential of becoming a great depression, not just a great recession. We have now recovered 13 million jobs, after losing 800,000 a month when he came into office. So, why would we go back to the same policies? Call them insider. Call them tilted toward the rich. Call them giving corporations a free pass to do whatever they want. I'm against that. I have always been against that.
I want to go back to economic policies where we create millions of new jobs and where people's incomes rise not just at the top, but in the middle and at the bottom, like they did under my husband. So, you know, I'm not running for Bill's third term. I'm not running for President Obama's third term. But it would be really foolish of me not to say, you know, that worked better than what the Republicans offer.
Clinton followed up this point on Twitter:
She also endorsed President Obama's recent remarks on the importance of empowering young black women and girls:

Friday, September 18, 2015

Hillary News & Views 9.18: Hillary vs. GOP vs. Planned Parenthood

The big news leading off today's Hillary News & Views is Clinton's forceful response to the GOP's latest attacks on Planned Parenthood.  

CNN reports:
Hillary Clinton rushed to Planned Parenthood's defense Thursday, warning congressional Republicans against blocking funding for the entire federal government in an effort to stop the flow of dollars to the organization.
"I would hope that the Republicans -- and particularly the Republicans in the House, led by Speaker (John) Boehner -- would not put our country and our economy in peril pursuing some kind of emotionally, politically charged, partisan attack on Planned Parenthood to shut our government down," Clinton told CNN's Wolf Blitzer on "The Situation Room." "I think that would be a very, very unfortunate decision."
"If they want to shut down the legal provision of abortion services, then they've got a bigger problem, because obviously Planned Parenthood does not use federal dollars to do that," Clinton said.
Clinton also released a full statement to the press and the public about the GOP's shutdown threats:
Last night, 11 Republican candidates continued their race to the bottom on women’s health and women's rights. They made one outlandish statement after another. And every single candidate on stage has pledged to defund Planned Parenthood if they become president.
It's bad enough to see hateful rhetoric and lies in a presidential debate. But just like the candidates on stage last night, Republicans in Congress want to defund Planned Parenthood. And they’re willing to shut down the federal government to do it, no matter how bad that is for our country. That’s how far they’ll go to stop an organization that provides 500,000 breast exams, 400,000 pap tests, and 4.5 million STD tests every year.
Repeating false statements doesn't make them true, no matter how many times you do it. Defunding a trusted health care provider that serves one in five women in America doesn't help anyone – in fact, it would hurt hundreds of thousands of people. Speaker Boehner and his colleagues have a job to do, and they should do it. Here’s my message to them: Don’t attack women’s health care. And don’t shut down the government. -H

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hillary News & Views 9.17: Clinton's Got Issues, Media vs. Hillary, Hillary vs. GOP, Fallon as Trump

Today's edition of Hillary News & Views is kicking off with a Tweet that took even me by surprise, and I've been following the campaign from day one:
In one simple Tweet to one simple link, Clinton's campaign has provided a lengthy list of the numerous issues in which she's already proposed prioritization and policy changes in her potential presidential administration.

The list is being constantly updated, with the most recent addition being Campus Sexual Assault, which she addressed on the trail for the first time just two days ago.

Here's a complete list of links to her policy proposals so far:
1. Campaign finance reform
2. Campus sexual assault
3. Climate Change and Energy
4. College
5. Criminal Justice Reform
6. Disability Rights
7. Early Childhood Education
8. Economy
9. Gun Violence Prevention
10. Health Care
11. Immigration Reform
12. K-12 Education
13. Labor
14. LGBT Equality
15. National Security
16. Rural Communities
17. Small Business
18. Social Security and Medicare
19. Substance Use Disorder and Addiction
20. Voting Rights
21. Wall Street and Corporate America
22. Women's Rights and Opportunity
23. Workforce and Skills
FiveThirtyEight has a write-up on how voters have heard about everything but the issues when it comes to Clinton:
Since Friday, July 24 — I’ll talk about the significance of that date in a moment — there have been 13 mornings when Clinton’s email server was a major story, seven mornings when her bad polling numbers were a major story,3 and seven mornings when speculation about Biden running was a major story.
There have also been two other mornings when there were some miscellaneous negative headlines for Clinton, like this one about Bill Clinton’s paid speeches. That’s a total of 29 days of negative coverage in just over seven weeks.
Clinton’s campaign has had a lot of bad mornings.
By contrast, I identified just one morning since July 24 when a favorable headline for Clinton gained traction on Memeorandum (the endorsement of Clinton by former Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin), along with four other mornings when there was an ambiguous Clinton-related story making news, like this one about her comments on Jeb Bush.
They've included a handy graphic just to illustrate how relentlessly negative the media coverage has been:

Still, as the Washington Post reports and the links above illustrate, Clinton's campaign is sticking to their plan:
Clinton is doubling down on a strategy laid out months ago. As drawn up by campaign manager Robby Mook and others when Clinton was seemingly invincible, the prospectus is a detailed month-by-month, state-by-state strategy to roll out serious policy proposals, raise a prohibitive amount of money, lock up Democratic delegates and woo members of her party’s disaffected left. It was designed to win what had been presumed to be a somewhat dull primary without looking too presumptuous.
Now Clinton has a full-on fight on her hands against a surging Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and faces the possibility that Vice President Biden will make a late entrance. Biden sits at roughly 20 percent in recent polls, and most of that support appears to come from erstwhile Clinton voters.
“You are supposed to have an election. You are supposed to have a contest,” Clinton said here this week during a question-and-answer session with students and others at the University of Northern Iowa. “In the Democratic primaries and caucuses, you have to try to earn every single person’s support. That is what I intend to do.”

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hillary News & Views 9.16: Cannabis, Solidarity, and #GOPABCs

Today's Hillary News & Views begins with Clinton stating her support for state and local efforts to legalize cannabis.  

Marijuana Politics reports:
On Monday, Hillary Clinton said she would not crack down on state and cities with legal marijuana. Speaking at a campaign stop in Luther College, she expressed support for the right of states to implement their own marijuana laws free of federal intervention.
This is certainly a moment which advocates for marijuana reform have been waiting for. Hillary Clinton had spoken out against decriminalization years ago, but hadn’t taken the chance to update her position on marijuana policy in light of rapidly changing public opinion.
So far during her presidential campaign, Clinton has been reluctant to discuss the issue of legalization, and for a long time it seemed she would be too cautious to talk about marijuana at all.
In fact, Hillary Clinton didn’t bring up marijuana in her speech on Monday: the question was brought forth by a member of the audience.
Her statements on marijuana policy, while bold, have not yet received much media attention.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hillary News & Views 9.15: Campus Sexual Assault, Praising Dem Opponents, and Calling Out GOP

Today's edition of Hillary News & Views begins with Clinton's vow to stand with victims of sexual assault, including those on college campuses. The New York Times reports:
Hillary Rodham Clinton pledged on Monday to take extra steps to end sexual assaults on college campuses, saying during a trip to Iowa that she would try to “ensure a fair process” in such cases and increase support for victims.
Mrs. Clinton made the remarks about “confronting the epidemic of sexual assault on college campuses” during an appearance at a “Women for Hillary” organizing meeting at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls.
During her address, Mrs. Clinton said, “I saw heads nod when I said one in five women report they were sexually assaulted during college.”
“Just look around you,” she said. “If we were to have one out of every five women stand up, that would be a pretty big crowd. Think of the impact on their lives. They’re trying to manage the emotional, physical, sometimes the educational, financial fallout — they miss classes, some drop out, some never finish their education.”
Clinton noted President Obama's leadership on the issue and outlined how she would continue his work. The Associated Press (via the Boston Herald) reports:
Hillary Rodham Clinton pledged Monday that she will address sexual assault on campuses if she becomes president and voiced solidarity with victims, saying, "You have the right to be believed.
Speaking to more than 500 people at the University of Northern Iowa, the Democratic presidential candidate said she will offer a comprehensive approach to campus sexual assaults. This means support to survivors, a disciplinary or legal process fair to all and more steps to prevent assaults from happening, she said.
Her campaign said that in one example, she would work to establish sexual-violence prevention education programs earlier, in secondary school "where norms begin to set in."
"Today I want to send a message to every survivor of sexual assault," Clinton said. "Don't let anyone silence your voice. You have the right to be heard. You have the right to be believed and we're with you."
Clinton said she would build on President Barack Obama's efforts to curb sexual assaults at collages. Those steps include releasing the names of colleges and universities facing Title IX investigations for their handling of such cases.
A bit more from the Washington Post:
“President Obama’s administration has worked hard to shine a bright light on campus sexual assault and I intend to keep talking about that and building on it,” Clinton said at the University of Northern Iowa.
“Some campuses don’t even offer support and services including counseling and health care, so a lot of young women are truly lost and left out,” Clinton said.
“As president, I’ll fight to make sure every campus offers every survivor the support she needs.”

Monday, September 14, 2015

One More Week of Vacation

Hey everybody, Scan here.

Just letting y'all know that I'll be back to writing at my usual pace in a week. Until then, keep reading Lysis's excellent news roundups and following along on Facebook and Twitter!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Hillary News & Views 9.11: Women's Rights, Unions, and Ellen

The week's final edition of Hillary News & Views begins with coverage of Clinton's speeches yesterday where she summarized her long history of fighting for equality for all women.  

CNN reports:
Hillary Clinton didn't even have to mention Donald Trump's name to slam the loquacious businessman as anti-women on Thursday. To big applause, Clinton hit Trump as someone who "just seems to delight in insulting women."
"We hear from candidates on the other side about turning back the clock on women's rights. And there is one particular candidate who just seems to delight in insulting women any chance he gets," Clinton said in Columbus, Ohio. "I have to say, if he emerges, I would love to debate him."
The former first lady peppered her remarks with issues her campaign hopes will invigorate women to support Clinton, including minimum wage, childcare and abortion.
"I will stand my ground. I will defend a woman's right to choose and I will defend Planned Parenthood," Clinton said to raucous applause.
The Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel reports on Clinton connecting women's rights to an overall fight for equality and justice:
The "Women for Hillary" event drew approximately 2,000 people, including 1,000 people inside the Wisconsin Room, an additional 300 watching in an adjourning theater and as many as 700 in a concourse of the union, said Tom Luljak, vice chancellor of university relations and communications for UW-Milwaukee.
Clinton noted the large number of students and young people in the crowd, saying she wanted to help the country recover from the devastation of the Great Recession.
"It was a terrible crisis. People were just knocked down, but they weren't knocked out," Clinton said. "And despite the loss of jobs, the loss of homes, the loss of dreams, people are coming back. America is coming back."
She added that people "are ready to roll up their sleeves again," and said moves like raising the minimum wage would help the economy get back on track.
She also cited subjects including climate change, the Islamic State and other terrorist groups, and the refugee crisis.
"Now, I want to be the president who takes on all the big problems you see on your screens," Clinton said.
But she added that she also wanted to work on domestic issues such as affordable child care, equal pay, student loan debt and workers' rights.
The New York Times reports on Clinton attacking Scott Walker on his home turf over unions:
At a rally in Milwaukee, Mrs. Clinton riled up the crowd, asking “What happens when you are a proud union member and you have a governor that wants to drive you out?”
Mr. Walker, a Republican presidential candidate, earned his party’s attention for taking on the labor unions in Wisconsin, a battle that catapulted him to the national spotlight. Mrs. Clinton said Mr. Walker “gets his marching orders from the Koch Brothers and just goes down the list.”
A large portion of Mrs. Clinton’s event, a grassroots organizing rally for women, was dedicated to criticizing Mr. Walker who, she said, “made it his personal mission to roll back women’s health and rights.”
ABC News has more:
“It seems to me, just observing him, that Governor Walker thinks because he busts unions, staves universities, guts public education, demeans women, scapegoats teachers, nurses and firefighters, he is some kind of tough guy on his motorcycle. A real leader,” Clinton said Thursday night at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee during her first visit to Walker's home-state as a presidential candidate.
"Well that is not leadership folks. Leadership means fighting for the people you represent.”
The attack lines against Walker didn't stop there. The democratic presidential candidate also called out the Wisconsin governor for his record on women's health and rights, and questioned what union workers are supposed to do when they have a Governor who "wants to drive you into the ground.”
“What happened?” Clinton asked, after saying she’s always admired Wisconsin for its “progressive spirit.”
In Wisconsin, Clinton called out the Republican candidates, in general, for not talking about the issues that she believes matter. She specifically mentioned “black lives matter."
“You will not hear the Republicans say anything about mass incarceration," Clinton said, "And you will not hear them say black lives matter."
On Twitter, Clinton released the latest entry in her #ThrowbackThursday series, focused on the retrograde GOP candidates "taking care of" women...
...and shared some highlights from her visit to Ellen earlier this week:
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