Monday, August 24, 2015

We're Only Talking About Email Because the Other "Scandals" Already Flamed Out

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It seems so long ago...but it's only been four months since Clinton Cash was the talk of the town. Oh yeah, remember that? At the time it did seem like it might be a pretty big deal. Rand Paul and the New York Times were super excited about it, but they certainly weren't the only ones. Finally, the Clintons' beloved and massively successful worldwide charity would be exposed for the corrupt slush fund that it really was. Also, there were paid speeches and something something...I forget.

Had that scandal panned out like Republicans and the news media had hoped, it might have been pretty bad. But it was not to be, having died as quickly as it arrived when the author was exposed as an right-wing hack who wrote a book riddled with factual errors. No wonder it's already half-forgotten.

Those hopes dashed, where is a scandalmonger to go next? Whitewater? (Too old.) Benghazi? (Ehh, maybe later.) The email thing? (Ok sure, why not?)

Say what you want about the New York Times, but last month's embarrassing journalistic disaster did the job they set out to do. Because here we are again...still...talking about the same meaningless stuff that they were lying about half a year ago.

I'll let Joe Conason remind us of the facts once more:
When the State Department first requested emails for its archives from all living former secretaries of state, Clinton was the only one to provide any files at all; both Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell said they no longer possessed the emails they had sent on private servers. And when the FBI asked to examine Clinton’s server to determine whether her emails contained any information that was or ought to have been classified, her attorneys turned it over immediately...
Obscured by sensational and often stupid media coverage, the fundamental facts are simple. There is no evidence that Hillary Clinton violated any law in her use of a private email server, however badly advised. There is no evidence that she knowingly sent any previously classified information to anyone at any time. There is no evidence that any national security breach occurred in her email system. And there is no statute under which she can be held liable for sending information that was retroactively classified, many months after she sent it, when the State Department was reviewing her emails for public release.
The mistake Hillary made here wasn't that it was illegal or against any State Department policy, it was that she opened herself up to another distracting "scandal". But if it wasn't email, we all know it would be something else. So if this is the Clinton "scandal" that Republicans and the news media want to harp on in the months leading up to Iowa, so be it.

Hillary Clinton is definitely guilty of using email while she was serving our country as Secretary of State. Beyond that, what are her enemies actually hoping to find here? This remains a zombie scandal composed of nothing but hot air from the lungs of the bored news media and rightfully terrified Republicans.

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