Friday, August 7, 2015

The People Have Spoken: Trump Crushed Everyone in the First Debate

Forget the pundits, because the people have clearly spoken: Trump thoroughly crushed everyone in last night's debate.

Hundreds of thousands of votes in online polls from Time, Drudge Report and Slate (L-R) tell the tale. It wasn't even close.

Long story short, the GOP disaster continues...and there are a lot of high fives happening at Clinton Headquarters in Brooklyn right about now.

Need more proof? Watch this illuminating clip from Morning Joe.


  1. Here's a good analysis of the moderators' fake "centrism":

    I also saw that the debate was viewed by 24 million people. Wow.

    1. Good article, and it's onto something. I do think they were going out of their way to bring down Trump...but they went to far and "ganged up" on him according to his fans and they support him just as much. And tons watched it and he's the only one one that people are talking about around the water coolers today. I'd say he won.