Monday, August 17, 2015

North Carolina Poll: Clinton 55% Sanders 19%

You may have heard that between the recent Bernie SURGE and something about classified emails, Hillary's campaign is on the rocks and she's losing support right and left...even from her own party.

Ehh, not so much in one Carolina that's right next door to another Carolina which is of crucial importance early on in the primary season:
Pretty rough, huh?

Here are the Clintons being all depressed this weekend at a birthday party in Martha's Vineyard:

We'll have updates on this North Carolina poll when the whole thing is released.


  1. Wow, great band at that party! Oh, and the poll is good too.

  2. I'm not sure most people are concerned about this, but among Corporate Network News TV, I've surveyed the spectrum. I could not find, among news professionals, show hosts, official news commentators, etc.,"one," unequivocal Hillary supporter, from approximately 100 news people. Makes you wonder who owns the TV news media? Hillary cannot take these bastards on, but, if we had the political will, we could do it. It starts, when we, as a party, demand accountability for this outrageous bias, in our national news media. This isn't news, this is propaganda, aimed, only apparently, at Hillary, but at democracy. The same people, that are furious at Trump, even though he "speaks honestly, openly, and can't be bought or influenced," as so many Trump hating republicans claim, they also expect us to believe, that they love Sanders for having the same qualities..