Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Maybe Jeb Wasn't the Biggest Debate Loser After All

Hillary HQ and the New York Times have had our differences (to say the least) but when good political reporting occurs, such behavior should be pointed out and encouraged. Such is the case with Amy Chozick's fascinating behind-the-scenes account at Clinton headquarters during last week's debate, which once again displayed the incredible sharpness of this campaign team while foreshadowing this week's talking points from Hillary herself.
Posters hanging in the Clinton campaign’s Brooklyn headquarters showed several Republican candidates alongside praise they have formerly heaped upon Mrs. Clinton, including an image of Mr. Trump calling Mrs. Clinton “a terrific woman” who “really works hard” and “does a good job.”
On Thursday, Mr. Rubio may have given the Clinton campaign another quote to hang amid the collage of images on its office walls. “If this election is going to be a résumé competition, then Hillary Clinton’s going to be the next president,” Mr. Rubio said. That comment drew a real-time “that’s right!” from one Clinton aide.
Mr. Rubio may have inadvertently handed Mrs. Clinton another advantage when he clarified his belief that abortion should be illegal even in cases of rape or incest, a position that could turn off female voters in a general election.
“I personally believe you do not correct one tragedy with a second tragedy,” Mr. Rubio later told CNN.
The comment quickly resonated in Brooklyn among Mrs. Clinton’s aides who were carefully watching the youthful Cuban-American senator, waiting to seize on anything that would help them portray him as outside the mainstream.
Asked who the loser of the debate was, Ms. Palmieri quickly pointed to Mr. Rubio (whose performance drew praise from less-biased observers).
“Marco Rubio going out of his way to make clear he believes in no exceptions, rape of a mother, incest,” she said.
Hillary Clinton doesn't need to portray Marco Rubio as "outside the mainstream"...he's proving that to be the case with his own words and is fast becoming the Todd Akin of 2016.

Or rather, he's one of several Todd Akins in an unelectable "old-fashioned" gang that Hillary continues to dominate in the polls.

Keep talking, Marco!

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