Thursday, August 13, 2015

Leave Your Panic at the Door...We've Got an Election to Win

Anonymous Democratic strategist
You knew it would happen eventually. It always does.

And all it took this time was an email server being voluntarily turned over to the Justice Department to assess its security and one bad poll from New Hampshire six months before that primary.

That's right: the bedwetting from concerned, worried, panicky Democrats over the prospects of the likely nominee has already begun. Yippee!

This despite the fact that Hillary Clinton has the best favorability rating of anyone running for president, leads her nearest competitor for the nomination by 25-40% nationwide and is also ahead of every single Republican in general election matchups (sometimes by a lot).

But if the Clinton campaign seems exceptionally calm and focused even during these rough dog days of Summer 2015, it's because they are. And you should be too.

Hillary's team is run by incredibly smart people who know how to win tough elections and aren't taking their eyes off the ball...and that's not even getting into the tough, brilliant resilience of the candidate herself.

So don't let the relentless negativity of the press, nasty potshots by Republicans or even worrywart members of the Democratic Party get you down, because all signs continue to point to the upcoming reality of President Hillary Rodham Clinton in January 2017.

You don't have to believe me, though: Check out this extensive memo from Hillary for America campaign manager Robby Mook.

Robbie Mook: State of the Race PDF


  1. I was encouraged by the Mook letter. But, I have one last concern, insofar as the ongoing campaign is concerned. I'm seeing attempts by, at least, one network, to generate interest in a Biden run, and even a Gore run. Will Hillary be able to reach the nomination battle, with any hope of overcoming strong, perhaps overpowering competition from her own party?
    My very best regards, and sincerest praise, to our 1st Lady, and, hopefully, future president.

    1. Neither Biden or Gore are likely to run (though it would be interesting to see them both on a debate stage). This is more about the media wanting a horserace on the Dem side.