Wednesday, August 26, 2015

In Another Iowa Coup, Vilsack Endorses Clinton

Standing with Hillary 8 years ago...and today.
Two-term former Iowa governor Tom Vilsack, still a very popular and powerful figure in his state, has endorsed Hillary Clinton in an op-ed in the Cedar Rapids Gazette:
On Feb. 1, 2016 I intend to proudly caucus for Hillary Clinton — plain and simple. Hillary Clinton is not new to the fight for middle class families. Throughout her public life she has consistently fought to expand and strengthen the middle class. I have no doubt she will continue that fight as president.
Coming on the heels of former Senator Tom Harkin's endorsement and some very strong poll numbers, this is another huge boost for Clinton in this most crucial of early states.

While his support might not come as a surprise, as he was also an early Hillary booster in 2007, the fact that Vilsack been serving as Secretary of Agriculture in the Obama White House since 2009 is intriguing. He must have run this endorsement idea by his longtime boss first, right? And Obama must have been ok with it, even while his own Vice President continues to contemplate a run of his own.

With a member of his cabinet choosing a side this early, this snippet from Politico today sounds even more on the money:
President Obama, according to current and former West Wing officials, is more inclined to support Clinton’s candidacy. Despite her woes, he sees her as a more electable candidate and a more effective keeper of his policy legacy. He’s done everything but endorse her already, putting his vast fundraising network in the hands of Clinton’s super PAC allies. Two of Obama’s top White House aides, John Podesta and Jennifer Palmieri, are running Clinton’s campaign and report regularly to their West Wing old friends — including the president.

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