Monday, August 31, 2015

Hitting the Road to See the Great American West

Hi everybody...Scan here.

It's time for a long late-summer road trip to visit some friends and see some sights that I've never seen before in this beautiful country of ours.

Does this mean Hillary HQ is going on a brief hiatus? Not on your life! I'm too curious about the daily events of this historic election to be plugged out the whole time. So rest assured that I'll be passing along news and opinion pieces on Twitter and Facebook whenever I have a bored moment. So if you aren't following along with us it now! (see boxes on the top right)

In the meantime, Lysis will still be posting regularly...and who knows, maybe if I find some good Wi-Fi here and there, I'll be able to check in occasionally too!

See you soon...


  1. Wow! Breath-taking photo! Enjoy your trip, Scan. :-)

    1. I'll be in Utah in 3 days. And then who knows where. Thanks!

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