Sunday, August 23, 2015

Hillary TV: Volume 1

Welcome to a new regular segment at Hillary HQ where we round up recent speeches, town halls, interviews and other appearances by Hillary Clinton. Where possible, we will present the event in its entirety.

We begin with the town hall in Las Vegas from Tuesday August 18th. It's mostly a Q & A with Hillary expertly handling her fair share of tough, interesting and even funny questions and comments. Watch out for the little girl who asks her if she'll be paid the same as a man as president!

Town hall on college affordability in Dubuque, Iowa on August 14:

Town hall on college affordability in Claremont, New Hampshire on August 11:

Town hall on substance abuse in Keene, New Hampshire, also on August 11 (Note: Clinton met with #BlackLivesMatter activists immediately following this event):

Press conference and town hall on college affordability in Exeter, New Hampshire on August 10:

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