Friday, August 7, 2015

Hillary News & Views 8.7: HRC 45, GOP 0

This week's final edition of Hillary News & Views has Clinton running up the score against the GOP. Using everything from interviews to YouTube videos and tweets, Clinton spent the last 24 hours rolling and trolling the opposition party. What a great way to enter the weekend! Let's start with her eviscerating their voting rights records on Al Sharpton's radio show yesterday. NBC reports:
"I don't think I need to watch it," Clinton said on Sharpton's radio show of the GOP debate, "To know that nearly everybody standing on that stage in the first or the second debate has either actively sought to limit the right to vote in their states or supported the efforts to limit the right to vote if they were not governors, but in the Congress." Clinton added that Republicans clearly design limits to affect racial minorities and other groups that tend to vote Democratic. "It is so nakedly partisan to try to limit the electorate," she continued. "I doubt that in this first debate, they will be asked to justify their support for restrictions on the franchise, but I can tell you, whoever I sit across from in the debates in the general election, I will be raising this I such a fundamental constitutional right," Clinton added.

Prior to the debate, Clinton capitalized on the Throwback Thursday meme with this cutting and hilarious video:

Then she proceeded to troll Twitter throughout the debate, running up the scoreboard against her potential opponents by both attacking their records and positions and reminding voters of her own. Here she is on the Voting Rights Act:
My personal favorite - fact-checking Marco Rubio:
Scott Walker's crappy economic growth record:
And their crappy economic policies as a whole:
Defending ACA:
Attack on women's rights and Planned Parenthood:
LGBT Rights:
What real foreign policy leadership looks like:
How the GOP Debate has her missing Jon Stewart already:
But didn't it make you want to donate to a Democrat?
She had much cooler company last night than the GOP throwbacks anyway:
And finally, from Zerlina Maxwell, one gif to sum up Clinton's reaction to the GOP debate:
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