Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hillary News & Views 8.27: Gun Violence, Rural Aid and Another Key Iowa Endorsement

Lysis might still be on vacation from Hillary News & Views, but the same can't be said for Secretary Clinton. She was back in Iowa today talking about aiding rural communities:
Hillary Rodham Clinton proposed banking and tax changes Wednesday that she said would encourage investment in agriculture and rural businesses, along with expanded federal assistance for farmers and ranchers.
With a backdrop of a gleaming John Deere tractor at an Iowa community college, Clinton presented a network of initiatives that would build on existing support programs for agriculture, rural development and education. Some elements of Clinton’s rural program, such as her proposals to make public college education more affordable, have been released previously.
But this wasn't the biggest news out of Iowa today. Less than two weeks after Tom Harkin's endorsement, two-term former governor Tom Vilsack, still a very popular and powerful figure in his state, has endorsed Clinton in an op-ed in the Cedar Rapids Gazette:
On Feb. 1, 2016 I intend to proudly caucus for Hillary Clinton — plain and simple. Hillary Clinton is not new to the fight for middle class families. Throughout her public life she has consistently fought to expand and strengthen the middle class. I have no doubt she will continue that fight as president.
Vilsack is also Obama's Secretary of Agriculture, so the president must have been fine with this early endorsement by a member of his cabinet. Make of that what you will. Vilsack answered some questions alongside Clinton today, and that full video can be found here.

But all of this was overshadowed by yet another horrific shooting.
Hillary was asked about the incident and her answer reminds us why so many people are in her corner and will not budge. Watch this video:

When the stupid scandals and breathless horserace coverage are swept away, what remains is an amazing candidate who will fight tirelessly to make a better future for the American people as our next president.

An August HuffPost/YouGov online poll has some generally good overall news for Hillary, but she's absolutely crushing it in one key measure:
Clinton's greatest selling point to her party remains her perceived ability to win. Two-thirds of Democratic voters think she's the most likely to win the general election, while just 8 percent each say the same about Sanders and Biden. Even those Democrats who don't want Clinton as their nominee believe she's more electable than the others, a conclusion similar to the one reached in a HuffPost survey of party activists, who feel warmly toward Sanders but overwhelmingly see Clinton as the only viable candidate.
That graph on the right says it all, doesn't it?

Hillary is returning to Ohio today, and her passionate supporters there are ready to pick up where they left off eight years ago:
Hillary Clinton's Ohio supporters were not just loyal to her in 2008, the year she won the state's presidential primary but lost the national nominating contest to Barack Obama.
They were passionate. Her delegates marched in the streets of Denver during a pro-Clinton rally at the Democratic National Convention. They refused to drop their pledged support and cede it to Obama -- to show party unity, as party leaders urged -- until Clinton convened them in a large meeting hall and told them it was fine.
Now Clinton, who went on to become secretary of state for Obama, is back campaigning for president, and not just stopping in Ohio for an anonymous Chipotle lunch while driving to an early caucus state. This time, she'll be in Cleveland on Thursday, staying for a few hours and remaining far more visible.
Her corps of supporters and former Ohio delegates are back, too, and most are still as passionate as in 2008, Democrats say.
Finally, the Amendment guaranteeing women the right to vote was ratified 95 years ago Wednesday, and Hillary celebrated on Twitter.
And think about this: Should Clinton win next year, we'll have the centennial celebration of Women's Equality Day with the first woman president in office...and right around the time of the Democratic Convention as she seeks a second term!

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