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Hillary News & Views 8.21: Jeb Trump & Donald Bush Edition

his week's final edition of Hillary News & Views begins with the latest GOP-focused videos released by the Clinton campaign. Following the blueprint of Obama's 2012 campaign, Clinton is using her frontrunner status to frame the opposition party well in advance of them selecting their nominee. It's a strategy that has the potential to benefit the entire party nationwide, even if she is not the nominee in the end. Essential to the strategy has been tying Donald Trump's extremist rhetoric to the extremist policies of all of the candidates. Yesterday, she used the "anchor babies" filth to explicitly connect Donald Trump to Jeb Bush, the alleged moderate on immigration:
She expanded her response on Twitter as well:
For those who don't recognize the name in those last two Tweets, Lorella Praeli is the director of Hillary for America's Latino Outreach. She also released a statement regarding Bush's comments, as Politics USA reports:
During a press conference today, Jeb Bush tried to outdo Donald Trump and other Republican presidential candidates by doubling down on the hateful term ‘anchor baby’ when referring to the U.S. born children of immigrants.
It’s a disgrace to see these candidates attack a group of American citizens who not only have the same rights as everybody else in this country but also represent the very values this country was built on.
If Republicans continue to wonder how to label these children, Hillary has already made it clear to them: They are not ‘anchor babies.’ They are babies. They are our neighbors. They are our families. They are part of our communities. They are American citizens. Period.
Jeb Bush has been, shall we say, "testy" in his response to media questioning his use of that term. Peter Daou and Tom Watson over at #HillaryMen capture the gender bias in how Clinton's response to media is characterized, as compared to male candidates:
To help sort through the terminology used to describe Hillary, we’ve put together the following thesaurus:
A male candidate is smart, while Hillary is “calculating, scheming, crafty, manipulative.”
A male candidate values privacy, while Hillary is “secretive, suspicious, paranoid, uncommunicative.”
A male candidate takes strong positions, while Hillary is “polarizing, divisive, alienating.”
A male candidate deserves the benefit of the doubt, while Hillary is “untrustworthy, corrupt, deceitful, dishonest, unethical.”
A male candidate is an achiever while Hillary is “over-ambitious, will do or say anything to win.”
A male candidate is diplomatic while Hillary is “inauthentic, disingenuous, fake, unlikable, insincere.”
A male candidate is solid and unflappable, while Hillary is “machine-like, robotic, abnormal, cold.”
A male candidate is a confident leader, while Hillary is “inevitable, defiant, imperious, regal, testy.”
The Boston Herald reports that Clinton has picked up an endorsement from Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healy, who is a New Hampshire native:
There’s a lot of reasons to be with her but let me tell you a few of mine.
She’s a leader who is willing to take on the big guys to protect the rest of us. As a young lawyer, she helped lead the Congressional investigation into President Nixon. In Arkansas, she taught law and ran legal clinics to help poor families and children. As the first woman Senator from New York, she took on Congress when it wasn’t doing enough for rural areas and small towns.
Now, she’ll be on our side as President. Her economic plan will fight the core challenge of our time – raising incomes for everyday Americans and closing the equality gap in earning. She’s proven she’ll be our champion and the champion for all Americans. Hillary Clinton shares my vision for what America can be, she shares our values as Democrats and she’s the right leader at the right time.
We’ve come too far for equality, for human rights, for economic justice to go backward.
I’m all in and I’m ready to hit the streets.
On August 29th, I’ll be kicking off a canvass for Hillary in Exeter, New Hampshire, just down the road from where I grew up.
And just as a friendly reminder on another Friday morning when a supposed blockbuster report was posted overnight by the New York Times, here's that open letter to the Times from David Brock at Media Matters:
Which brings us to today and the latest disgraceful and embarrassing misstep in The New York Times' reporting on Hillary Clinton.
The New York Times dramatically changed a report that initially -- based on anonymous sources -- cast Clinton as the target of a requested criminal probe. After publication, The Times altered the report to remove the implication that Clinton was the target of the requested probe -- with no acknowledgement of a correction.
A spokeswoman for The New York Times even told The Washington Post there was "no reason for a correction" -- an untenable position that was abandoned later this afternoon after the Justice Department and Rep. Elijah Cummings, the top Democrat on the House Select Committee on Benghazi, refuted reports of a "criminal investigation of Secretary Clinton's email usage."
I trust you can see that The Times' reputation is at serious risk. Given the four clear examples cited here, it's time for The New York Times management to address the situation by commissioning a review that will explore the process of reporting and editing at The New York Times that has allowed flawed, fact-free reporting on so-called scandals involving Hillary Clinton and report back to readers.
Perhaps lessons can be learned from the internal review commissioned by CBS News following a flawed 60 Minutes report regarding the attacks on U.S. diplomatic facilities in Benghazi.
Following that internal review, then-Chairman of CBS News and Executive Producer of 60 Minutes Jeff Fager admitted that "there is a lot to learn from this mistake for the entire organization."
I implore the paper to take any and all steps necessary so that these chronic lapses in accuracy and editorial judgement do not recur, and to ensure that the nation's paper of record can be depended on for coverage that is factual and impartial going forward.
As noted yesterday, I'm headed for vacation. Hillary News & Views will return on Monday, August 31. See you in a week! - Lysis

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