Monday, August 10, 2015

Hillary Leads GOP Field by Double Digits in Reuters/Ipsos Post-Debate Poll

Or: The GOP Disaster Continues

Americans tuned into last week's Republican debate in record numbers and got a nice long look at what that party has in store for them should they retake the White House.

And apparently they didn't like it one bit.

According to the new Reuters/Ipsos poll taken entirely after the debate, Hillary is crushing them all by 12-20 points!

The (clear) frontrunners.
Clinton 41% Bush 29%
Clinton 44% Walker 24%
Clinton 42% Christie 25%
Clinton 44% Carson 24%
Clinton 41% Cruz 27%
Clinton 41% Rubio 28%
Clinton 43% Trump 29%

Brutal: No GOP candidate even gets to 30% support.

The party ID for this poll is 42% D to 34% R, but considering that 2008 was +7 D and 2012 was +6 D, a +8 advantage for the Democrats is well within the realm of possibility next year. Also, Independents are leaning towards Hillary and she does better among her party's faithful.

Although this is an online poll, it doesn't get much more legit than Reuters/Ipsos. Online polling seems to be the wave of the future and there have been a lot of them lately. They may be harder and harder to ignore going forward, especially if their results become increasingly consistent with traditional phone polling.

In this same poll, Trump also clearly leads the GOP field, a result in line with other new post-debate polls from NBC/SurveyMonkey, Morning Consult and PPP (an Iowa poll that also finds Clinton leading Sanders by 27 points).

It's time to stop listening to the pundits who say that the end is near for Hillary or The Donald. Trump is certainly more vulnerable than Clinton right now, but neither of them are going anywhere anytime soon.

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