Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hillary Clinton Remains the Most Popular Person Running For President

Question: How many times can one candidate "collapse" and still be leading everyone?

I ask because despite the endless string of negative stories trumpeting Hillary Clinton's low favorability ratings, she's still leading her nearest Democratic competitor by over 30% and her support hasn't budged much at all in seven months.

The new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll is no different, showing Hillary leading Bernie 59% to 25%.

And while it's hard to say that 37% favorability is good (it's not), it's enlightening to point out that she's still got a better rating than anyone else running for president... easily. In fact, Sanders is way down at 24% and entire GOP field is in the 19-26% range on this score.

And of course, the winner and still champ in the other direction is The Donald with an impressive 56% negativity rating. The American people really don't care for that guy and that's going to be tough to turn around.

But really, more than anything this poll is showing a lot of negativity everywhere. Hillary's favorability nearly matches that of the Democratic Party (38%), which is still much better than the Republican Party (28%). Additionally, President Obama's numbers are sagging and the right track/wrong track results are in the toilet.

Bottom line: the American electorate doesn't seem too thrilled about anyone or anything politically here in the dog days of Summer 2015.

And you know what? That's ok. We've got fifteen more months of this and most people have better things to worry about. Bring on the debates!


  1. I also think Hillary's favorables could rebound a bit once people start paying more attention to the race. We'll see!

    1. I think they will rebound in the fall.

    2. The fall is when she's scheduled to testify about Benghazi. Hope the media focuses on the issues eventually.

  2. Where did you get "entire GOP field is in the 19-26% range" from?

    1. I linked to it. Down there in the favorables section...you have to add two numbers together.