Friday, August 21, 2015

Clinton's Press Secretary Makes Sense of the Nonsense

Meet Brian Fallon.

He's Hillary Clinton's press secretary and he's damn good at his job...and that's great because he's been very busy lately making sense out of a whole lot of nonsense. You're probably going to be seeing a lot more of him for quite a while.

But the fun doesn't stop with the must-see video above. Check out the ingenious twist Fallon delivered this week during a conference call with reporters which exposed just how dumb this zombie email "scandal" truly is:
“Just as an aside, for the I.G. to now declare the material as classified, since it was provided by State to the House Benghazi committee earlier this year in unredacted form, presumably that means that members of the House Benghazi committee may have unwittingly handled classified material on unclassified systems within the House of Representatives,” Mr. Fallon said.
“Now, I don’t think that anybody here at the Clinton campaign is going to say that members of, say, Chairman Gowdy’s staff should have their computers confiscated for having possibly trafficked in classified material,” he said. “I don’t think we would say that. But that is, fundamentally, the same logic behind the I.G.’s referral to the State Department with respect to Mrs. Clinton’s server, since she was at worst a passive recipient of unwitting information that subsequently became deemed as classified. Let’s raise that as an aside.”
Could this be true? Could Gowdy's committee be in the exact same boat as Hillary? Is the "scandal" really getting this stupid? Why yes it is:
A spokesman for the Democrats on the committee, who make up the minority, said in an email that the documents the committee received were not marked classified, adding, “Like Secretary Clinton, Committee members and staff could not have known to treat the documents as classified when we received them, because it was not marked or easily identifiable as classified information.”
Next comes the victorious follow-up tweet.
But this is just one of Fallon's many Twitter punches.

Perhaps detecting the eminent fizzling of yet another round of eGhazi, just today Dylan Byers at Politico decided to resurrect the even more idiotic "Hillary won't talk to the press" thing. It didn't go well.

As a result of Fallon's efforts, Politico's headline changed from "Clinton Reneges on Promise to Do ‘More Press’" to the only slightly less wrong "Clinton Reneges on National Interviews", with further corrections in the piece itself.

Well done, sir. But there's more!

Regarding that judge yesterday who thought that Clinton violated policy? Ehh, not so much.
And about the whole "wiped server" obsession?
And other miscellaneous garbage that needs to be taken out.
It goes on and on. The point is, the Clinton campaign is having none of this malarkey and I recommend following this guy on Twitter if you'd like to stay sane for the next 14 and 1/2 months.